Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 11

MLB: Miami Marlins at Philadelphia Phillies


Buehrle @ Salazar – try to stash Salazar in AL-only keeper leagues… quality prospect
Pelfrey @ Moore
Big Erv @ Pettitte
Sale @ An. Sanchez
Dempster @ TBD (SEA)
Darvish @ M. Gonzalez
Zimmermann @ Kendrick – the Nationals offense is alive so play it safe on Kendrick
Latos @ Hudson
Westbrook @ Jackson
Gallardo @ Miley – Arizona’s erratic offense vs. erratic Gallardo… something’s gotta give!
Pomeranz @ Capuano
Bumgarner @ Marquis


I’ve held on to Hudson so far. Think he’ll do ok against the Reds lineup? I want to start to the crafty veteran but he’s been semi unreliable so far.


Hudson is the type of pitcher who can dominate any lineup yet struggle against any lineup, depending on whether or not his sinker is working. So if you own him you just have to pitch him all the time. Frustrating though, as you can’t really play the matchups.


Hey Zach:
I’m in a 10 Team, 6×6 league with one keeper.
My offense has underperformed a bit, but I still have hope. My pitching has been dominant with Scherzer, Zimmerman, T. Hudson, Minor, Dempster, Norris, Masterson, Teheran and M. Gonzalez.
I have Alcides at SS, who’s been a huge disappointment. Is it worth trading Scherzer for a top-notch SS like a Segura, Hanley, Tulo or E. Cabrera?


I’d have a real tough time trading Scherzer but would definitely consider dealing any one of your other SPs either alone or in a package to get a SS upgrade, even if it is not a truly elite player. Plus, the SS position has been a little weird this year in that the top performers so far are guys who could also be considered sell-high candidates, maybe with the exception of Tulo, who always comes with injury risk.


Thanks Zach! Your insight is always appreciated!

Hey guys

Got a trade offer in a 5 keeper (no limits) 6×6 14 team league where the extra catergories are OPS and holds. It was me to send Adrian Gonzalez, Jed Lowrie and Aroldis Chapman for Ian Desmond, Nate McLouth and Mark Melancon. What do you reckon in terms of balance to the trade. Cheers.



You’re giving up a bit too much here. Maybe Adrian for Desmond is fair, but Chapman and Lowrie for McLouth and Melancon, even in a league that counts holds, is not something I’d entertain. McLouth is due for some regression while Chapman is a top-3 closer.


I offered a trade of Weaver and Bourn for Grilli and Gee but the guy countered with Grilli and Colon for Weaver and Marte! is this like a joke I take that right?


I’d much rather have the Weaver/Marte side. Hands down.


Hello Zach,
Would you pick up Erasmo Ramírez, and start him vs Redsox tonight?


I like Ramirez, but that’s too risky of a play for his first start of the season. The Red Sox are scoring a ton of runs lately.


Skittish owner just dropped Braun. I have the #1 waiver pick. No-brainer?

Thanks! Wasn’t sure if I was missing something official about suspensions. That’s my only guess why he was dropped.

Hi Zach,

Just receive this trade offer:
Get: Willin Rosario / S Strasburg
Give: V-Mart / B Harper

This is a 12tm H2H kp league.
I have too many OF and need SP. My OFs are: Braun, Harper, D Brown, J Upton, Fowler (DL), A. Soriano


Not a bad offer but I’d pass. Rosario vs V-Mart is fairly close for this year but Rosario has far more keeper appeal, especially since V-Mart will lose his C eligibility. As for Strasburg vs. Harper, both obviously carry a ton of keeper value but I’ll always side with the hitter over the pitcher when it comes to keepers. Pitchers are just too risky long-term, mostly due to health concerns, and we’ve already seen Strasburg have some injury issues.


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