Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Sunday, July 13-14

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees



Deduno @ Hughes – Favorable matchup for Hughes but it’s at home (5.74 ERA).

Santiago @ Lannan – Santiago’s last two starts have been solid.

Bailey @ Minor

Redmond @ Hammel – Jays’ offense dangerous enough to scare me away from Hammel.

Keuchel @ R. Hernandez

Guthrie @ Kazmir – Could be 2-1 or 9-8. I’ll pass.

Chatwood @ Greinke – Tough matchup for Chatwood but it’s on the road (1.26 ERA).

Torres @ Burnett

Lynn @ Garza

Holland @ Scherzer – Tall task for Holland, who got roughed up by DET on 5/19.

Haren @ J. Fernandez – If you can’t trust Haren here, why is he still on your roster?

Lester @ Griffin – Lester has been awful on the road and Griffin inconsistent of late.

Weaver @ King Felix

Lohse @ Delgado – I’m willing to give Delgado a shot.

Lincecum @ Volquez – Logic says Lincecum does well here.


Shields @ Jimenez – I’ll roll the dice on Ubaldo, but not without trepidation.

Gibson @ Sabathia

Perez @ Verlander

Jordan @ Slowey – Both are decent gambles in deeper leagues though.

Quintana @ Hamels

Cingrani @ Teheran – Nice!

Gee @ Locke – Gee is strictly a home play for now.

Johnson @ Feldman

Bedard @ Archer – Gotta go with Archer vs. HOU.

TBD (BOS) @ Colon

Blanton @ Iwakuma – Iwakuma due for regression though. Selling high not a bad idea.

Chacin @ Nolasco – Chacin 2 ER or less in five of his last six starts.

W. Peralta @ Kennedy – Both are risky.

Zito @ Stults – Zito more of an NL-only option.

Wainwright @ Wood


Thoughts on Phegley? Is he fantasy relevant?

Yeah, Phegley has a pretty decent minor league track record and at a thin position, he could definitely help out mixed leaguers looking for some help in the HR department.


I need a closer and a few guys that lost their jobs were dropped. Who is the better pickup to win their job back and be successful. Putz, Wilhemson, Henderson, Bailey.

Well, Wilhelmsen has his job back now, so there you go! Next on my list would be Putz.


I have Cespedes in my Util spot, and Kendry Morales and Raul Ibanez are both on Waivers. Would you suggest dropping Cespedes for one of them? or is it still too early?

Your league is too small, Dylan! None of the three belong on waivers. I’d try to keep Cespedes on the roster, but if there’s a way to add Ibanez, who has been just unbelievable this year, I’d try to pick him up anyway, depending on who your other OFs are.


Zach – Your thoughts on who you think will have the better 2nd half – Shields or Shelby Miller – and if the loser should be dropped for Ivan Nova? Thanks Much!


Shields. I have more confidence that he won’t fade as the year wears on, being that this is Miller’s first full big league season. And no, there’s absolutely no way I’d drop either for Nova.


Hi Goose need your thoughts on this trade. Been rolling J-Roll in an OBP league all year at MI and his.317 OBP along with his other numbers, just aint gettin it done. Also got Altuve who isnt an OBP beast by any means either (suprisigly actually worse at .315!).
So I’ve been offered Kipnis for E5. Now I can rearrange my lineup if I did these, benching probably Rollins (think hes nearly done), sticking C Davis to 1st, which would just leave one space at OF (currently filled by Lomo). OF is much easier to fill though, and I could move Davis to OF if I found a hot CI guy.
So is it worth it, initially for this year? And secondly how about the future (keeper league): E5’s signed for one more year at $8, whereas Kipnis is currently on a renewable contract at $6, and able to be kept either 1 year more ($9), 2 years ($12), or 3 years ($14). Love E5 but think Kipnis is too good to let up, he had a big year last year too so we can’t put his first half down to a fluke.

Oh and would mean I would be sticking Kipnis in at 2nd obviously, and moving Altuve to MI.


Kipnis also had a terrible second half last year. Unless you’re out of contention and playing for next year (Kipnis obviously has the far more appealing contract situation), I’d lean towards passing. I think E5 is just too much of a dominant force to deal away, and maybe I’m crazy but I’m not giving up on Rollins just yet. He had a great second half last year, particularly in the power department, and this trade is essentially E5 AND Rollins for Kipnis. I’m not too into it.


I have a SP to spare and need a power OF bat. I was offered Dom Brown for EITHER ( not both, ) Strasberg or Wainwright. I know I am overpaying, but I am in 1st place and have pitching pretty much wrapped up. However, I don’t want to to make the deal unless Brown is going to have a similar 2nd 1/2 to the first. What do you think?


I simply don’t have enough confidence in Brown yet to make this deal. No way would I trade Wainwright for him straight up. I might think about Strasburg but would ask for an additional piece. Otherwise, you’re taking on a bit too much risk here relative to the price.


I was offered this trade… Francisco Rodriguez for Wade Miley, I’m in 4th place in my NL only 9 team league and I’m in last place in saves. I have J.J Putz and Papelbon as my two closers right now, my starters are Corbin, Bumgarner, Gio Gonzalez, Chatwood, Harvey, Marquis, Miley, Strasburg and I have Beachy and Halladay on the DL… Accept the trade? I’m leaning towards yes, What are you thinking?


Yup, I’d definitely accept that one, considering your roster situation. Makes a great deal of sense.


I play in a keeper league with five minor league slots, all of which can be rolled forward to next season. My current minor league roster is Taveras, D’Arnaud, Jorge Soler, Francisco Lindor, and George Springer. Are any worth dropping for Kris Bryant once he becomes available? Thanks


I’m by no means a minor league expert but yeah, I think Bryant’s power upside is enough of a reason to substitute him in for Soler, whose stat line this year is OK but doesn’t quite jump off the page. That’s a pretty impressive group you’ve got there though.


.I have 5 starting pitchers since I dropped Lynn after his last of a string of horrible starts……I picked up Cole for 1 start than dropped him also, do you think either deserve a roster spot or are they more of a spot starter…..I also picked up Tazawa who was dropped to help with holds since he has 15 do you feel Pestano is a drop at this time also who do you like more between Chisenhall and Moose, have both on my roster at this time


This totally depends on league size and your particular roster. I don’t see Cole or Lynn as waiver wire material but that could be because I’m looking at it from a 12-15-team mixed league perspective. Maybe in a shallower league, there are better options available.

I’d still take Moose over Chisenhall ROS.


one more…if I tried to trade Johnny Peralta for a starting pitcher what names would you look for in return?

A solid #3 type SP at minimum. First, see who’s interested in Peralta. Then, scan their rosters to try and find a match.


sorry 1 more….I have Hanley at 3B and Chisenhall at CI…thinking of dropping Moose for Lincecum?? before someone else picks him up

I did drop Moose for Lincecum to replace Lynn…..thoughts on Arod for ROS…would you start him ahead of Chisenhall/ Arenado?

As of now, no. I don’t have a clue how productive A-Rod will be and I’d rather he be someone else’s problem. He’s missed so much time over the past few years that it’s hard to really trust him at all.


OBP league, been offered CC for Altuve. Both one year rentals, got Kipnis, Segura, rollins in my MI positions so dont really need Altuve, but is CC worth it with his mileage?

Presume you’re off today because baseballs having a break haha.

I’m never off, Dan:-) I don’t have a problem with that trade considering that you’re already very strong at MI. Still a big fan of Altuve but I’ve been a little disappointed by his recent cold spell. CC’s trade price tag can’t get much lower than it is right now. All in all, you’re not risking a whole lot by making this move.


Thanks man. I could always offer Rollins instead, he’s been real putrid this season. He had a huge 2nd half last year, can you see a repeat or do you think hes done? Who would you rather have ROS, Altuve or J-Roll.

I’d rather have Altuve. He’s younger and his career path is on the rise as opposed to Rollins, who is clearly nearing the end of the road. I’m still not giving up on J-Roll but maybe that’s just wishful thinking being that he’s been a fantasy favorite of mine over the past 6-7 years. So much for considering him underrated heading into this season!


A.J. Griffin or Big Erv? 12 Team 5X5 H2H ROS


They’re fairly equal in value but I’d take Erv, who has the more extensive track record. This could be seen as a positive or a negative considering Erv’s erratic ways from one year to the next, but I’m a believer in him for this season.


What side you like Justin Upton or Pence/Ethier. I have upton and someone offered me this.


I’d lean towards Upton but a lot depends on who Ethier would be replacing on your roster. Remember, 2-for-1 deals are really 2-for-2 deals as you will be forced to drop someone. That’s why I always like to be the “1” in 2-for-1 trades.


Zach – One more for you. Your top 2 out of J Fernandez, Teheran, Hellickson, Archer, Wheeler, or Tillman? All available and I need some depth. Thanks!


#1 would definitely be Fernandez. I’d make Hellickson my #2. He’s been outstanding over his last five starts and is still just 26, so there’s definitely room for growth.


Hey Zach,
Could you please rank my pitching staff, I may need to cut somebody and I’m not sure who it should be. Teheran, Westbrook, Porcello, Hefner, Straily, Homer, Griffin, Parke, and Fister.


I’d cut Westbrook. He’s old, his K rate is sub-par and considering the rest of his stat line, there’s no way he maintains his current sub-3 ERA.


Greinke is solid, he’s not consistent but he gets better as the year goes on. Jared Weaver needs to be lights out for here on out of the Angels are done.

Who do think will have a better 2nd half? Ethier, Rasmus or Marlon Byrd?

I’d take Rasmus. He’s still just 26 and although his K/BB ratio is a concern, he’s putting up very solid counting stats. Would I be shocked if he reaches the 30-homer plateau this season? Not really.


My team has the following SPs
Strasberg, Shields, Wainwright, Peavy, Miguel Gonzalez & CJ Wilson
Would you drop any of them to pick up Carpenter &/or Archer from waiver wire?
I could also drop Andrew Baily, if you think he will not be getting his closer job back, I could drop him…

I’d stand pat, Jim. I think you’re micromanaging here when the reality is that your SP staff is plenty deep already.


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