Pitch or Ditch for Friday, July 19


MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Chicago Cubs


Nolasco @ Strasburg
Price @ Rogers
Pettitte @ Doubront – Pettitte not pitching well enough for this matchup
Kendrick @ Hefner
Liriano @ Leake
W. Chen @ Holland – numbers say pitch, but high blowup risk for both in this matchup
Hudson @ Danks – Danks four straight QS, 45-8 K-BB ratio… have to pitch
Kazmir @ Pelfrey
An. Sanchez @ Big Erv
Turner @ Lohse – tough matchup for Turner but he’s on a roll
Saunders @ Norris – Norris at home vs. a weak opponent… mmmmmm
Marquis @ Westbrook
Samardzija @ De La Rosa – bench but don’t cut slumping Shark in Coors…
Griffin @ Weaver
Kennedy @ Gaudin – hang with ’em on Kennedy


Opinion on this trade: 12 Team H2H 5X5 Craig, Kimbral, Harper for Braun, Puig, Benoit, Lester

A very fair deal, though I think I’d side with the Craig/Kimbrel/Harper trio. I can’t really figure out the purpose of this trade though. It seems like a trade just to make a trade.


Thanks Zach!

I just dealt Holland and Papelbon for Marte. I had Josh Reddick as my 3rd OF who Marte will now be replacing. What do you think?

I assume this is D. Holland? I’m fine with it as long as it didn’t leave you too weak at closer. I like Marte a lot as a second half breakthrough candidate.


What closers do you have left?

Uehara and Rodney

Need to drop one when Aramis comes off the DL, which two would you keep ROS: Nick Franklin, Mitch Moreland, Aramis Ramirez. (Categories: R, RBI, 2b, 3b, HR, TB, SB, Avg). Thanks!

I’d drop Moreland. He’s been mediocre at best since the beginning of June. Definitely hold onto A-Ram though.


Yeah, Moreland’s been killing me since he came back from the DL! But I wasn’t sure of his chances for turning it around in the second half. Here’s hoping Franklin’s for real! Thanks!

Wanted your thoughts on this trade thrown at me, Joey Bats and Jose Altuve for Mike Trout? Im going to say no but just wanted your thoughts about this…thank u


Yeah, I just don’t see the point unless you have a dire need for a 2B. You’re giving up arguably the #1 player in all of fantasy baseball, which is never a good thing.


What are your thoughts on closers that look destined to be traded. Which of these guys is most likely to end up still closing after a trade, and better yet stay a closer in 2014: F-Rod,Gregg, or Betancourt?


Let’s put it this way. I don’t think that any of these three would still close if they were to get traded. Chances are they would get dealt to a contender that already has an established closer. The one exception might be the Tigers, who will probably look to add a closer being that Leyland would prefer to use Benoit in a setup role. I actually think that K-Rod has the best chance of closing with a new team. As for next season, I think Betancourt has the best chance of remaining a closer being that he’s signed through 2014. But Colorado does have Rex Brothers waiting in the wings, so it’s tough to say.


Thx for all your help this season
Standard 5×5 roto, who do you like better ROS, Logan Morrison or Josh Reddick?


I’d go with Morrison. Reddick has yet to snap out of his season-long funk and quite honestly, I’m not very confident that he ever will. He’s on pace fo finish the season with seven homers and 55 RBI. What a disaster!


I am in contention in my keeper league with 5 spots, no limits. I’m basically wondering which of my players I should look to hang onto and which I should deal to get help for this season. My possible keeper candidates as it stands are: Machado, Segura, Desmond, Car-Go, Stanton, Dominic Brown, Carl Crawford, Strasburg, Kershaw, Matt Moore. Basically just wondering which 4/5 should I hold onto to keep building a team around and which should I not worry about losing when searching for help in a trade?


It’s tough to say being that all of those guys have a great deal of short-term value in addition to long-term appeal. But if I had to choose five guys to keep for next year, I’d have to go with Car-Go, Stanton, Machado, Kershaw and Segura.


Ive had weak production from my CI spot this season and still hold a 1 game lead….tried Moose a few times and now going with Chisenhall…..just dropped Pestano and picked up A Rod is he worth the chance??

Sure, why not. Pestano is nowhere near getting save chances and A-Rod is still probably a more appealing option than any other CI on the wire.


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