Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, July 20-22

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Philadelphia Phillies



Hellickson @ Buehrle

Kuroda @ Lackey

Maholm @ Peavy – Maholm too erratic lately to trust.

Verlander @ Shields

Kluber @ Correia – 18 K’s for Kluber over last two starts and this is a great matchup.

Iwakuma @ Bedard – Bedard not a bad play in deeper leagues though.

M. Gonzalez @ Wolf – Playing it safe with Gonzalez @ TEX.

Straily @ Wilson

Hamels @ Wheeler

Burnett @ Latos

Greinke @ G. Gonzalez

Eovaldi @ Gallardo – Eovaldi has been lights out through five starts this season.

Volquez @ Lynn

Villanueva @ Nicasio – I like Villanueva but not here.

Miley @ Cain


Archer @ Dickey – Gotta go with Archer.

Minor @ Quintana

Fister @ Guthrie

Masterson @ Diamond

King Felix @ Lyles

Colon @ Williams – Williams has been awful of late.

Tillman @ Perez – Taking the same approach with Tillman as I am with all the other BAL pitchers @ TEX…better be safe than sorry.

Sabathia @ Lester

Locke @ Bailey – Locke due for regression though.

Lee @ Harvey – Must-see TV.

Kershaw @ Zimmermann – Must-see TV Part Deux.

Alvarez @ W. Peralta – Peralta worth a try here.

Stults @ Wainwright – Stults a dangerous play but can’t ignore the results.

Delgado @ Bumgarner

Jackson @ Chatwood – Only pitch Chatwood on the road until further notice.


TBD (NYY) @ Darvish

Ryu @ TBD (TOR)

Moore @ Dempster

Scherzer @ Sale

Hammel @ W. Davis – Disappointing year for Hammel coming off breakthrough 2012.


Gibson @ Blanton

Jimenez @ TBD (SEA)

Morton @ Haren – Could be 3-2 or 10-9. I’ll take the under.

Teheran @ Gee – Gee an automatic pitch when at home.

TBD (SD) @ Gorzelanny

Koehler @ Pomeranz

Garza @ TBD (ARI) – Will Garza even make this start?

Arroyo @ Lincecum


Hey Zach,
2 outs, bases loaded. The SP is on your fantasy team with a 2 run lead, and the hitter is also on your team. Who do you root for?


Good question, and this seems to happen to me all the time! I root for the pitcher. I feel that the damage a home run or double etc. can do to your pitcher’s ERA and perhaps his chance of getting a win is more harmful than if your hitter pops out, or better yet strikes out! This is mainly because the statistical sample size for a pitcher is smaller than that of a hitter.


Trade Strausberg to get fielder?

If I make this trade is offering butler and Alvarez for Gio a fair offer since I’ll have prince and hosmer at first and beltre at third. Or would I be giving up to much

Sure. It’s a fair value deal, but if you need a hitting boost it’s a no-brainer.


who’s Strausberg and why would you trade him for a fielder? Your league uses defense stats?😉

Another question Zach,
In Various leagues I have Alex Wood, Medlen, and Beachy. Medlen is going to the pen, but what is his long term (say 2014) odds of getting back into someone’s rotation. Same questions about Wood, since with Beachy coming back and if Maholm isn’t injured then there seems to be a squeeze in the Braves rotation. How do you see their rotation rounding out ROS, and if you had to let one of them go which one would you pick.

Well, Maholm just went on the DL, so let’s see how serious that injury is before making a well-informed decision, but it sounds like the Braves are very serious about using Medlen exclusively as a reliever. We should have a much better read on this situation a week from now.


Looks like Cashner is pitching for SD against Mil. I’m thinking pitch

Hey Zach,
I hope you are doing well. Currently, I have LaRoche holding down the fort at 1B with Matt Carpenter backing him up (and playing all positions). Konerko came off the DL today. Drop Konerko or LaRoche. I’m leaning towards Konerko because LaRoche is such a second half player. Thoughts?
Rich D.

Yeah, if I had to pick one to drop, it would definitely be Konerko. Just go by the numbers this year. Konerko has shown us very little and it’s tough to have much confidence in him going forward.


dropped Viciedo for Mclouth who was just dropped, good move? 1B is thin pickings on my waiver wire, Morrison is my only eligible one with Howard on DL….What do you think of Wallace?

I’m fine with that move, Alan. At 1B I’d go with Morrison over Wallace.


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