First Half All-Surprise + All-Disappointment Teams

Hey everyone,

Today’s podcast was devoted to discussing our mid-season All-Surprise and All-Disappointment teams, so before you go and listen to it, here are the rosters:


C   Jason Castro

1B  Chris Davis

2B  Jason Kipnis

SS  Jean Segura

3B  Josh Donaldson

OF  Carlos Gomez

OF  Starling Marte

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Pittsburgh Pirates

OF  Domonic Brown

SP  Patrick Corbin

SP  Jeff Locke

CL  Jason Grilli

                                                                                                                ALL-DISAPPOINTMENT TEAM

C   Alex Avila

1B  Paul Konerko

2B  Rickie Weeks

SS  Asdrubal Cabrera

3B  Brett Lawrie

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Kansas City Royals

OF  B.J. Upton

OF  Melky Cabrera

OF  Andre Ethier

SP  Ian Kennedy

SP  Jason Hammel

CL  J.J. Putz

Feel free to comment on our choices and/or share your own teams!


***ALSO, while we’re on this subject, here’s a link to my latest Mastersball column where I discuss my own first half All-Bargain squad. This article covers the pitchers and there’s a link to my previous article, which deals with the hitters.


Matt Kemp? We all thought he was a lock for 20hr by now…no?

Kemp entered the year as an injury risk, so I wasn’t exactly targeting him in drafts. But yeah, I did expect at least 25+ homers and 20 or so steals. Luckily, I don’t own him on any of my teams.


I just got Lance Lynn and Michael Young in a trade for Gio Gonzalez… What are your thoughts. Also, I have to drop someone who do I drop Jonathon Pettibone, Charlie Morton or Tyler Chatwood

Also,who do I drop for Jedd Gyorko… Cody Ross or Jason Kubel and how muh should I bid for Gyorko. I’m in an NL only 9 team keeper league

Wouldn’t you think Kubel would be a disappointment, also?

I still like Kubel more than Ross from here on out because he’s a lefty (hoping he gets traded!) but that whole ARI OF situation is a mess. I have Kubel on a few of my teams and drafting him was probably my worst move of the entire year.



I’m not a fan of that trade at all. Young simply isn’t enough of a difference maker to warrant the SP downgrade AND you need to drop someone in order to complete the deal. No thanks.

I’d lean towards dropping Pettibone but it’s pretty close.


Who would have thought Raul Ibanez would have 24 HR at the All Star Break?

Where’s Matt Cain on the all-disapointment team ?

Yeah, Cain probably deserved the nod over Hammel.

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