Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, July 23

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays


Cingrani @ Surkamp (Gm 1)

Zito @ Reynolds (Gm 2 – to be played in SF) –  Zito pitches well in SF, worth a look in deeper leagues

Cole @ Jordan

Capuano @ Redmond

Medlen @ TorresMedlen slumping, but it’s the Mets…

R. Hernandez @ Lester – Lester only 3 QS in last 11 outings

Hughes @ Ogando

Hammel @ B. ChenHammel hasn’t been great this year but it’s the Royals…

Porcello @ Santiago – tough matchup but Santiago 3.13 ERA in 12 starts

Parker @ Cosart

Ross @ Hand

Pettibone @ Miller

J. Fernandez @ Chacin

Wood @ Corbin – Wood still defying regression…

Gibson @ Hanson

McAllister @ E. Ramirez – good spot for both to return; McAllister vs. Mariners and Erasmo at home


A little surprised to not see Porcello or Chacin listed as starts since they had favorable comments in the two start sp post.

My weakest category are K’s. with an innings cap what would you say is the wisest approach to strengthening K/9. I have a very strong offense and have recently addressed my need for saves.

Should I try to trade some offense for a pitcher or should I try and pick up a middle reliever like Delabar? Or both? Thoughts?

If the K/9 distribution is close, I’d go the waiver wire route and pick up a Delabar type. But if it’ll take more for you to gain points in that category, trading for a high-end SP is probably the wiser approach, as he’ll make a larger impact due to the higher number of K’s.


Please rank the following players in a 12 team dynasty league: Cole, Cingrani, and Iwakuma for pitchers and Franklin, Lawrie, Moustakas, Rendon, Arenado, and Gyorko for infielders. I have all of them on my team, but am currently in trade talks with someone and I dont want to give up the wrong guy.


For the pitchers, I’d say Cingrani, Cole, Iwakuma (he’s 32 years old). Lawrie, Franklin and Arenado would be my top three hitters.


I’m in a 3 man keeper league, should I drop Braun or hold on as keeper. I have Cabrera and Goldschmidt already as keepers. Strasburg, puig, Desmond and Dominick Brown are my others to choose from. than

Hold onto him. I’d still pick Cabrera, Goldschmidt and Braun.


I just got Lance Lynn and Michael Young in a trade for Gio Gonzalez… What are your thoughts. Also, I have to drop someone who do I drop Jonathon Pettibone, Charlie Morton or Tyler Chatwood and do you think it would be worth it to add Jedd Gyorko and drop Jason Kubel?

Just answered this question on the previous blog post.


Ditching Chacin against Miami? Based on Zach’s Two-Start Pitcher Note I would’ve thought he was a definite pitch.

I’m pretty sure that was an oversight by Cory. To me, he’s a definite pitch. Now watch him go out there and get bombed:-)


wanting to drop Lincecum….would you take Tillman or G Cole?

I like both but would lean towards Tillman. He’s the more polished pitcher at this time.


Ryan Howard was dropped in my league. Is he a must pick up?

Depends on who you’d be dropping/size of league etc, but not necessarily.

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