Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, July 24

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays


Griffin @ Norris – Norris’ last start with the Astros?

Pelfrey @ Weaver

Kazmir @ SaundersSaundo much better at home but the Indians can hit

Liriano @ Strasburg

Nolasco @ Rogers – Nolasco worth a look in deeper leagues, but Toronto still a tough draw

Hudson @ Hefner

Price @ DoubrontDoubront worth a shot in deep leagues for his K upside

Pettitte @ Garza

W. Chen @ Big Erv

An. Sanchez @ Danks – I might go for Danks if Miggy is out

O’Sullivan @ Lohse

Lannan @ Westbrook

Turner @ De La Rosa – I like Turner, but not in Coors

Samardzija @ Kennedy – Kennedy has to pitch better eventually, right?

Leake @ Gaudin – Gaudin is on a tear, ride it


Drop Samardzija for Garza? I’ve been frustrated with Jeffy lately but his last start has me on a wait & see basis. And second, should I be worried about Jim Johnson? And if so, drop him for Balfour, Mujica or Perkins?


I’d stick with Samardzija. Even though Garza has been in the AL before, I’m still a bit concerned about his transition back to the Junior Circuit and into a hitter friendly ballpark. He could be this year’s version of Ryan Dempster.

As for Johnson, how on earth are Balfour, Mujica and Perkins available in your league? Honestly, I’d try to pick up all three, but would still probably choose Johnson over any of them.


whats your thoughts on DJ of colorado, would you prefer him over either Brian Roberts or Infante? Also with Peralta/ E Cabrera both possibly being suspended…I have Reyes and can move Hanley to MI/CI would you consider DJ/ Dominguez/ or chisenhall to fill in. Lastly with Howard on the DL and Wallace/LoMo not doing much thinking of picking up Ruf as he may be eligible at 1st in a week?? thanks

I like D.J. a lot and yes, I’d take him over Roberts/Infante.

I’d go with Dominguez and his power production.


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