Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 25

MLB: Washington Nationals at New York Mets


A. Wood @ Wheeler – don’t like the matchup for Wheeler, and don’t think Wood is ready yet
Burnett @ G. Gonzalez
Kuroda @ Holland
Verlander @ Peavy
Volquez @ Gallardo
Eovaldi @ Nicasio
Bedard @ Buehrle – you wanna bet on Bedard having no-hit stuff again?
Hellickson @ Lackey
Kendrick @ Lynn – Lynn 5.67 ERA since June 1
M. Gonzalez @ Guthrie
Villanueva @ Miley – Miley on a nice roll of late
Wilson @ Straily
Latos @ Greinke
Correia @ Iwakuma


Seriously when are you going to start to give Felix doubront some love? I mean what else does the man have to do?

He’s a very solid PoD guy but his spotty control makes him tough to fully trust on an every-start basis. I hear ya though.


What has happened to Josh Hamilton…I had him last year and he was awesome, so I kept him for a year and he’s stunk (managed to trade him a month ago for Cuddyer).

Is this one of the biggest fantasy baseball drop offs in history?

Could, just could he actually become a sleeper next year as a bounce-back candidate? Surely he’s not totally done at like 30 (guess)…but its not like he’s gone to a new league so wtf has gone on with him this year.


I think some of it is mental (new and unfamiliar surroundings) and that combined with his injury history was enough to scare me away on draft day. I guess he’s worth a speculative pick in say the 7th round next year, but personally, I just don’t want any part of him.


I have two empty spots to dedicate to RPs through the trade deadline. All of the closers and many of their backups are taken, so who should I pick up in hopes that they could be named closer based on their team’s situations? I am going to leave out Houston’s RPs because they are scary bad. Available: AJ Ramos, Mike Dunn, Bastardo, Thayer, Gregerson and Blaker Parker. Thanks!

Parker, Gregerson and Ramos would be my top-three, although I’d be a little surprised if Cishek gets traded. I think Gregg is gone.


I have Matt Cain for $26 in my 12 team NL only 5×5. What should I do with him? For SP I also have the following:
Liriano $1
Alex Wood $2
Gee $3
Cingrani $2
Beachy $7
Estrada $4
Parnell $1
Rosenthal $7
Strop $7
AJ Ramos $1
for next year:
Zach Lee

I’m not going to compete to be in the money this year, however 1st minor league draft pick is based on points gained after the break. Would you hold on to Cain and hope for a rebound. With inflation last year’s Cain at $26 is a bargain if he regains his old form next year. When Estrada and Beachy come back I will have to move 2 pitchers. Any suggestions?

oh and Fujikawa too $5

Yeah, I’m not giving up on Cain and in a 12-team NL-only, 26 bucks isn’t unreasonable. It’s borderline but at most maybe you’re overpaying by a couple of bucks. No big deal. I think Cingrani, Liriano and Beachy are must-keeps at those prices.


Who do you like better in the long run in an NL only keeper league Gyorko at 17 dollars or Jake Marisnick who I have to bid for but I don’t know how much is appropriate for him, also who do you drop for either of them or both… Kubel and/ or Ross? Do you think Junior Lake has power or just a fluke? I’m in the money going for 2nd place
My keepers right this second are
Harvey 15 dollars next year
Goldschmidt 18 dollars next year
Billy Hamilton 8 dollars next year
McCutchen 18 dollars next year
maybe Corbin at 5 dollars next year and I’m not sure about Strasburg at 29 or Bumgarner at 22.
Do you think Marisnick can be a keeper for me going into next season if so, how much should I bid for him

Also should I add Alex Wood for Pettibone considering Wood will likely be a starter for the rest of the season

I agree with Cory that I don’t think Wood is quite ready for the majors. Hold onto Pettibone.

I think I’d stick with Gyorko. Marisnick still has some plate discipline issues that need to be ironed out. As for Lake, his minor league track record suggests that he probably won’t develop into more than a 15-HR guy in the big leagues, so no, I wouldn’t set my HR expectations too high.


For completeness my offense:

1B Adrian Gonzalez 2015 44
2B Aaron Hill 2013 14
SS Alexi Amarista 2015 2
3B Nolan Arenado ML 7
OF Chris Denorfia 2014 3
OF Justin Ruggiano 2014 2
OF Will Venable 2015 12
OF Domonic Brown 2014 5
C Wilson Ramos 2013 7
C Carlos Ruiz 2015 11
UT Kensuke Tanaka F 2015 2
CI Matt Adams ML 7 act 0
MI Yonder Alonso 2014 7

1B #Hunter Morris ML 7
2B *Chris Coghlan 2015 1
OF *Angel Pagan 2015 17
OF #Jorge Soler ML 7
OF #Francisco Peguero ML 7
OF #Gregory Polanco
OF #Tyler Colvin 2014 5
OF *Corey Hart 2015 14
OF #Brett Jackson ML 7 min
UT *Aramis Ramirez 2015 27
MI #Derek Dietrich 2015 2

What would you think of this trade. Chris Davis and K. Morales. for Miggy. I hate dealing Miggy but My lineup would go from Miggy 3B, Rizzo 1B, and Austin Jackson OF to Chris Davis OF, Morales 1B, and Machado or Seager at 3B. Head to Head League Cats are R, 1B, 2B, HR, RBI, SB, K, AVG. I am fairly strong in R, HR, and RBI, and 2B, especially week in SB, K, and AVG. I can’t see where I am gaining a lot in my week areas but possibly small gains without losing anything in my strong areas???

Im thinking of trading J Upton straight up for Grienke? Is this a fair offer or uneven on one side or the other

We’re putting this question on today’s podcast, Alan, so be sure to check it out.

to pick up DJ who would you drop…roberts or Infante?

Infante. He suffered a setback yesterday and reportedly won’t be returning to action anytime soon.


I also need to drop a SP as I have 7….I have wainwright/ Bailey/ Sanchez/ Halland/ S Miller/ Cole and Tillman

I like them all, but I guess Tillman. But the better option would be to try and work out a trade instead. Maybe deal one of your higher end guys for a hitting upgrade.

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