Pitch or Ditch for Friday, July 26

MLB: Miami Marlins at Milwaukee Brewers


Mejia @ Zimmermann (Gm 1)

Harvey @ Ohlendorf (Gm 2)

Dempster @ Tillman – don’t love the circumstances for either

Archer @ Sabathia

Perez @ Kluber – tough matchup but I’m a big Kluber fan

Lyles @ Dickey – tough to trust Dickey right now, but it’s the Astros

Hamels @ Fister

Locke @ Alvarez

Wainwright @ Minor

Shields @ Quintana

W. Peralta @ Chatwood – Peralta is en fuego but I’m still playing safe in Coors

Stults @ Delgado – risk/reward on both, judge accordingly

Williams @ Colon

Bailey @ Kershaw

Diamond @ King Felix

Jackson @ Cain – hang with ‘em on Cain



Are you concerned about verlander? Some kid offered me verlander for Corbin during the all star break. I accepted In a heartbeat thinking I’d be laughing all the way to the bank.

Yeah, I’d still take that. We’ll be discussing Verlander on today’s podcast.


I have 5 pitcher starting tomorrow, but my league only lets me start 4 on any given day. So between Bailey, Wainright, Fister, Hamels and Cain who would you sit? I’m thinking Bailey.


Yes, Bailey seems like the logical choice to bench based on the matchup.


Im thinking of sitting Bailey against the Dodgers, just seems like a team he may get hit hard against since they are rolling along?

I’d lean towards pitching Bailey regardless unless you’re so stacked at SP that you have a number of better options to fill your innings.


Verlander/Headley or Beltre/Lohse


Looks like it will be Lackey vs. Tillman today with the Red Sox game ppd. yesterday. Pitch Lackey? I’m leaning yes right now.

Hi Goose Brauns been dropped in my keeper league and therefore a situation has arose.

Once a player clears waivers in my league his price drops significantly depending on time of year (would currently drop to just $6). Now if I picked Brauny up as soon as he clears them on monday, I could hold onto him for the rest of the year, and then keep him for as little as $9 for next year, or slightly more for even multiple years.

However I feel this is a very weasley move, so should I point it out to the commisioner and try and get the Braun pickup blocked (or at least no price drop) or should I sneakily try and add Braun myself? It seems a clear loophole in the leagues rules, the devil on my left shoulder says do it, whereas the angel on my right shoulder says ask the commishioner to ban it.

What say you?


Hey, if the rules are clearly posted somewhere, everyone has an equal opportunity to make this “weasley” move, so why not have it be you?🙂


Gamble on Verlander and send Shelby Miller for him? Single season league and I think they’ll shutdown Miller before our H2H playoffs.

Yeah, I think that’s a pretty good gamble.

I was offered Dan Uggla for Daniel Murphy I need HR but I need BA and SB more… I’m leaning towards no… what are your thoughts?

It’s purely a category-related decision. I’d lean towards yes, as 30-HR caliber MIs are hard to find, but there’s a convincing argument to be made for both sides.


What are your thoughts on Kazmir the rest of the way? He’s been pretty damn good the last month or so.

I’d still be very careful with him and play the matchups. I wouldn’t trust him versus the higher end offenses on a regular basis.


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