Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, July 27-29

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins



Archer @ Nova – Nova very sharp since return from AAA

Keuchel @ Johnson – hang with ‘em on JJ

Richards @ Milone – Milone at home, yes please

Deduno @ Harang – Deduno 4-of-5 QS, and good matchup

Dempster @ Feldman

Darvish @ Masterson

Lee @ Scherzer

W. Davis @ Sale

Kelly @ Teheran

Gee @ Haren

Morton @ Koehler – Morton 3.35 ERA since return from DL

Gorzelanny @ Pomeranz

Cashner @ Skaggs – risk/reward on both, go with your needs

Rusin @ Bumgarner

Arroyo @ Ryu – tough matchup for Arroyo but 3.19 ERA is hard to ignore


Ogando @ Jimenez – wait and see on both

Moore @ Hughes

Cosart @ Redmond – Cosart very impressive so far, though low K’s a concern

Pettibone @ Porcello

Lester @ Hammel – too much risk for either

B. Chen @ Santiago

Hanson @ Parker – if Hanson handles this one his stock goes WAY up

Gibson @ E. Ramirez – better matchup for Erasmo

Cole @ Fernandez

Torres @ Jordan – Jordan a shutdown candidate in 3-4 more starts

Wood @ Lincecum

Cingrani @ Capuano

Hand @ Chacin

Ross @ Corbin

Miller @ Medlen – bench but don’t cut struggling Medlen vs. elite offense


R. Hernandez @ Doubront – Doubront 13 straight starts of 3 or fewer runs

Weaver @ Garza

Danks @ McAllister – both calls strictly based on matchup

Rogers @ Griffin

Westbrook @ Liriano

De La Rosa @ Beachy – wait and see on Beachy, who wasn’t sharp on rehab

Hefner @ Turner

Lohse @ Samardzija

Leake @ O’Sullivan


Which side do you like in a trade. My 3B are headley and lawrie. Starting pitchers are Kershaw, Verlander, Kennedy, Wheeler, M. Gonzalez, Masterson, Cingrini, and W. Rodrig. 1B – Lind/Hosmer.

Kershaw/C. Davis for McCutchen/Beltre

So I pulled the trigger and made the trade. With Revere out I was hurting for steals and I figured even if Davis has a good second half it won’t be close to the 37 he hit the first.

I picked up Santiago and Kyle Kendrick to replace Kershaw (although thats impossible) and my just play matchups the rest of the year for pitching. Or should I now try and trade Headley for some starting pitching? Any suggestions on who I should target if I go that route?

I do like that trade for you, Adrian. I’d probably stand pat with Headley, at least for a couple weeks (assuming your trade deadline isn’t Wednesday) as my confidence in Lawrie isn’t that high.


when you say it is on Podcat how or where is that viewable? What type of 1B do you think if I offered J Upton and maybe a pitcher like Bailey

Search for Fantasy 411 on iTunes or go to this page:


I have 7 SP am wondering if that is to many…..wondering what type of 1B do you think I could get in return for J Upton and a SP…..Im Keeping Wainwright but if I gave one of the following Bailey/ S Miller/ Cole/ Tillman/ Sanchez/ or Holland as a package with Upton?

that depends on the format of your league. is it roto or points? And is it a keeper league, which would determine the value of Cole, and who would you be replacing at 1B?

Try for an elite one, figure top-5. It’s not an unreasonable ask.

And yes, Higgs is right about this. More context is needed.


I have a dilemma in one of my leagues. The league that I’m in is a 10-team H2H. Brandon Beachy is coming off the DL on Monday. My SP’s are Felix Hernandez, Chris Sale, Jered Weaver, Matt Garza, Derek Holland, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Yovani Gallardo and a PoD spot. I’m wondering if I should drop one of my SP’s (that’s also including Beachy) or give up my PoD spot? Because it’s too late for me to try to trade one of them right now…maybe I can do a trade later on to get back my PoD spot back. And one more question, out of all my SP’s who would you most likely would want to trade? I appreciate you reading this and answering my question, thanks.


I think giving up your PoD spot is the best way to go, at least for the short term. Gallardo is a guy who I would try to get rid of, though his value is very low right now. A couple more poor outings and I’d think about dropping him, especially since it’s a 10-team league.


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