Two-Start Pitcher Notes – Week of 7/29

Hey everyone,

Here’s this week’s version of my two-start pitcher notes. And as always, be sure to check out our podcast when it becomes available later this afternoon. Longtime friend of the 411, Joe Sheehan, joins Cory in studio and Rotowire’s Derek Van Riper is our phone guest.


                                                                                                                                                     Yovani Gallardo  (@CHC, vs. WAS)

Coming off his latest blowup on Thursday, it’s pretty obvious that Gallardo cannot be trusted right now regardless of the opponent. I’m not saying that you should drop him, but even though these matchups sound decent, he needs some bench time. Yovani’s velocity has been down all season, his strikeout rate is down and both his ERA and WHIP are horrible. Maybe he turns it around next week, but in a 12-team mixed league, I just don’t think he’s worth the risk. In a 15-team mixed or an NL-only, yeah, you might as well throw him out there. It’s not like the waiver wire will be full of great options.

Ricky Nolasco  (vs. NYY, @ CHC)

Although Nolasco’s strikeout rate is nothing special, he’s been fairly effective and consistent this season, which is no small accomplishment for a guy who hasn’t pitched to a sub-4.00 ERA since 2008. He gets a pair of extremely appealing matchups next week, as he’ll be at home to face the anemic Yankees’ lineup and then goes up against a Cubs team that is in the midst of tearing apart their roster. Pitch with confidence.

Ian Kennedy  (@TB, @BOS)

I was a big time Kennedy supporter heading into this season but my patience is running on empty. At this point, he’s definitely droppable in 12-team mixed leagues, and there’s no way I’d pitch him next week, maybe outside of NL-only formats, as these matchups are flat-out terrible. Investing so heavily in Kennedy (I own him in four leagues) was without question my biggest draft day mistake of 2013.

Felix Doubront  (vs. SEA, vs. ARI)

Slowly but surely, after an erratic start to the season, Doubront is getting his act together. We’re talking six quality starts in his last seven outings to go along with a healthy dose of strikeouts. Spotty control from time to time always seems to plague Doubront, but next week is as good a time as any to pitch him. The Diamondbacks’ offense isn’t much better than mid-tier, the Mariners’ lineup is sub-par, and Doubront’s home ERA is nearly a half-run lower than his road mark. Sounds good to me!

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at New York Mets

Jeremy Hefner  (@MIA, vs. KC)

I picked up Hefner in Mixed Tout just in time for that blowup against the Phillies, so it’s tough for me to think objectively here being that I’m still very annoyed with him. But if you don’t feel OK about pitching him next week, there’s really no reason why he should still be on your roster. The vs. KC start is a tad risky being that the Royals have been hitting better of late, but the Marlins remain an ideal team to pick on, even with the additions of Yelich and Marisnick. Oh yeah, and Hefner’s ERA in two starts vs. the Marlins this year is 1.93. Pitch.

Bud Norris  (@BAL, @MIN)

There’s a decent chance that Norris will get traded within the next week, so this blurb might be all for naught. I’ll keep it short and simple. The @BAL start has disaster written all over it while the @MIN outing, although looking good on paper, isn’t really that great being that Norris’ road ERA is almost three runs higher than his ERA at home. Outside of AL-only leagues, stay away!

Zach McAllister  (vs. CHW, @MIA)

McAllister’s overall season numbers are far from inspiring, but he hasn’t had many particularly poor performances either. He’s 3-2 with a 2.87 ERA and 1.17 WHIP at home this year and the White Sox offense is middle of the road at best. And the Marlins are, well, the Marlins. McAllister makes for a sneaky good play in deeper leagues.

Edwin Jackson  (vs. MIL, vs. LAD)

E-Jax is back! Well, not entirely, but he’s allowed three earned runs or less in each of his last four starts and appears to be putting his early-season struggles behind him. In a daily format, I might pitch him for the vs. MIL start but would definitely sit him against the Dodgers. When looking at the week as a whole, I think that the vs. LAD start is too dangerous to justify using him at home against the Brewers. In mixed leagues, I’m playing it safe and ditching.

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