Updated PoD Category Chart (7/26)

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Texas Rangers

Zach here,

An updated Pitch or Ditch category chart has been long overdue. Well, here it is, hot off the press! This should keep you all plenty busy over the weekend.

POD Chart 7-26-13

And here are the changes we’ve made since the last version:


Sale grad to ace

Kuroda grad to ace

Lackey PoD to grad

Leake PoD to grad

Liriano PoD to grad

Big Erv PoD to grad

Colon PoD to grad

Wilson PoD to grad

Tillman PoD to grad

M. Gonzalez PoD to grad

Deduno indifferent to PoD

Pettibone indifferent to PoD

Gaudin indifferent to PoD


Pettitte grad to PoD

What do you guys think? Feel free to post your comments below.


What would you do with……

CC Sabathia?
R.A Dickey?
Josh Johnson?

And I haven’t been following all year, so where are……

Justin Masterson?
Ubaldo Jimenez?
Scott Kazmir?
Corey Kluber?
Zach McAllister?

I too am curious what to do with Josh Johnson, 2 starts ago you recommended not dropping him yet but he has gotten murdered in another 2 games since, I can’t consider him a keeper, should I let him go?

Had him as keeper dropped him 2 games ago, no domination this year and way too inconsistent. There is likely a way better replacement on your FA wire. Toughest thing in Fantasy- don’t fall in love with names, especially if it’s not a keeper.

I think Masterson and Kluber are the stars on your list, the rest are a roll of the dice based on match-up.

To me, Masterson is the only guy on this list who I’d feel comfortable starting regardless of the matchup. CC is by no means PoD, but I’d be very careful about him until we see some improvement.

As for Johnson, the size of your league does play a factor, but am I opposed to dropping him by now? Absolutely not.


Hudson and Medlen Grads? Obviously this was made before the injury, and with Wood and Beachy back Medlen will be in the Pen. Braves rotation needs an update. Teheran indifferent? Really? With his K potential I would think he should be POD. He has done very well for me in that role.

hmm either I was hallucinating earlier, or Teheran and Cingrani were bumped up to grads since it was first posted. In any case I agree on both counts.

You were hallucinating!

Totally agree with Sale and Kiroda to Ace. I’m beginning to think that Sale might be top 5 talent right now, up there with Wainwright, Scherzer, Kershaw and your choice after.

Also like the Deduno call. Probably owned in 1 percent of points leagues, and consistently rolls out big numbers.

Leake and Tillman both beneficiaries of their teams offensive ability. I find both scary as hell to start vs. good offenses. I guess for me, both still remain PoD for now,

So what’s going on with Alex Gordon? He hasn’t hit above .203 since May, and his HR and SB numbers aren’t very good at all. He looks more like the player from 2010 and I still see him ranked in the top 100 on many mid season boards.

Gordon was streaky last year as well, and I think he has enough of a career body of work by now to suggest that he’ll snap out of this, though I agree that top-100 is pushing it a little.


I’m not sure if Joe Sheehan reads this blog, but I listened to the podcast on Friday and his analysis of the Alfonso Soriano deal is totally ridiculous. How can that be a bad trade? The Yankees gave up nothing in terms of prospects (Corey Black is the #25 prospect on the Yankees) and as I am sure you are aware the Yankees, until yesterday, had not hit a HR from the right side of the plate since June 25th and 2 since may 15th. They are paying him a measly $6.8 Mil for this year and next. Even if its a bust, who cares. They gave up noting and are paying nothing.

P.S., this was their slash line in left field before they dealt for Soriano (.224/.268/.337)

Couldn’t agree more, broutman!


My team is currently in first place and I was wondering if I should add bogaerts. I think he could be a huge addition when brought up for the playoff. I think my pitching staff is deep enough that I can drop someone but I don’t Knorr who to drop. I have weaver price doubront Griffin archer leake Parker Chen and cueto on the dl.

Not a bad idea at all, though I’d have a tough time dropping any one of those SPs. Doubront comes the closest but I like him for the upcoming two-start week. I’d probably stand pat for now and pounce next week, especially if Doubront struggles.


I need to drop three of the following OF Jesus Guzman,Cody Ross, Khris Davis, Chris Denorfia, Logan Schafer or Will Venable… I’m in a 9 team NL only keeper


Guzman, Davis and Schafer, so long as you’re playing to win now.


I also have Junior Lake and I need HR so I’m leaning towards dropping Lake along with Guzman and Schafer

Hi Zach,
I hope you had a good weekend. Michael Morse is available and coming off the DL this week. I have Gerardo Parra, Junior Lake, and Christian Yelich as candidates to be dropped to make room. I’m leaning towards Parra but wanted to get your thoughts.
Rich D.

Hmm, I’d personally cut Lake as I think he’s been playing way over his head, but cutting Parra does make some sense being that you want to get an idea as to what Lake and Yelich can do while Parra’s upside is limited. An argument could be made for both.


good to know I was hallucinating on Teheran and Cingrani. Still with Hudson and Maholm out and Medlen seemingly headed to the pen how do you rate Alex Wood and Beachy going forward. I know Beachy is a wait and see since coming off TJ, but Wood has shown something. I consider him POD at this point, unless it’s NL only, but what is his upside? Could he stick in the rotation next year. I ask mainly because I have him for $1 in a 12 NL only keeper league along with Beachy who I stashed all season on the DL for $7.

At those prices, both are obviously fine keepers in an NL-only, but I’m a lot more optimistic about Beachy being that we’ve already seen him thrive at the big league level. Wood was very shaky in last week’s start and I can’t help but think that he’s not quite ready.


Rich D.
My unsolicited advice. Drop flash in the pan Lake for Morse asap. Do not pass Go nor collect 200 bucks but get Morse on your team, and whatever you do don’t drop Yelich!

Would you support dropping Alex Gordon for Michael Bourn?

If you have a need for speed, I’m not against that move at all.


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