Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, July 30

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Washington Nationals


Gallardo @ Villanueva (Gm 1) – getting harder and harder to say “pitch” on YoGa

Thornburg @ Arrieta (Gm 2)

Lyons @ Burnett (Gm 1)

Lynn @ Gomez (Gm 2)

Rienzo @ Kazmir

Norris @ W. Chen – Norris’ last start as a ‘stro?

Zito @ Lannan

Strasburg @ An. Sanchez

Kennedy @ R. Hernandez – can’t trust Kennedy vs. even mid-tier offenses

Nicasio @ Wood – Nicasio worth a look in deeper leagues and/or if chasing K’s

Wheeler @ Eovaldi

Saunders @ Workman

Wilson @ Holland

Big Erv @ Pelfrey

Buehrle @ Straily

Latos @ Volquez

Pettitte @ Greinke – not a slam-dunk “pitch” for Pettitte… tough matchup


I’m in an NL Only keeper league and I’m ahead by 200 in K’s and behind by 12 in HR and 32 in RBI from the first place guy and I just traded Strasburg (29 dollars next year) for Pedro Alvarez (11 dollars next year) what are your thoughts on that trade?

I’ll endorse that one, Rob. Strasburg at 29 isn’t a huge bargain in my mind factoring in his injury issues and you’re doing what you think will give you the best chance to win now while also acquiring a strong keeper in Alvarez.


Who did you replace at 3B or CI and who is take strasbourg’s spot? If it’s 12 team then $29 for Strasbourg is a great keeper, however if you are fighting for a championship and you need the Hr and rbi’s to push you over then you have to do what you can this time of year. Hopefully you BA is solid. I would have tried for a more elite 3B to give up strasbourg at that price. If you are going for it, I wouldn’t worry much about the keeper value of the bat you are getting in return. More unsolicited comments from Higgs.

I have Beachy coming off the DL and I can only keep 6 players and right now it looks like I’m keeping
McCutchen 18 dollars next year
Alvarez 11 dollars next year
Billy Hamilton 8 dollars next year
Goldschmidt 18 dollars next year
Harvey 15 dollars next year
and it’s between Corbin at 5 dollars next year and Bumgarner at 22 dollars next year

And I had an open spot at 3B

It looks like Pujols is in all likelihood finished for 2013. I’m in a keeper league, battling it out for a playoff spot, have only one DL spot to burn, and may not have the luxury to stash Pujols there for the rest of the season. Do you see Pujols as worth holding onto for 2014?

regarding more info on possible trading J Upton and Bailey for a 1b….Im in a daily 12 team league and have a 1 game lead although offense has been lacking lately,,,,have been using LoMo at 1b and also tried Wallace but dropped him….thinking of offering this for A Gon who is on a team that is towards the bottom of the standings? would you rather trade Bailey or Cole as part of the package? Thanks

I’m fine with Upton and Cole for Gonzalez. I’d sooner trade Cole as I think he’s due for an adjustment period where the league catches up to him somewhat and forces him to make further adjustments. So far it’s been smooth sailing for him but I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes through some bumps in the road.


Hey Zach,
I currently have Andrus as my starting SS with Starlin Castro on the bench. Jeter is available. Would you drop Castro for Jeter or give it some time to see if Jeter stays healthy?
Rich D.

I think I’d stick with Castro for the time being. He’s starting to come around and I need to see Jeter stay healthy for a full week or so before I can really trust that he will be a fantasy factor from here on out.


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