Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, July 31

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Pittsburgh Pirates


G. Gonzalez @ Verlander – gotta ride Verlander all the way

Dickey @ Colon – Dickey: 5.34 ERA in July since 2-hitter vs. Rays

Bailey @ Stults – Stults 2.45 ERA at home vs. 4.64 away… the new Clayton Richard?

Quintana @ Kluber – love Quintana’s stuff, despite tough matchup

Bedard @ M. Gonzalez

Gaudin @ Kendrick – Phillies are banged up and not scoring

Wainwright @ Locke – Locke’s brutal K-BB ratio makes him too risky vs. Cards

Miley @ Hellickson

Chatwood @ Minor – Chatwood 2 or fewer runs in 12 of 14 starts!

Mejia @ Alvarez – Alvarez 2.64 ERA in 5 starts; Mets 27th in MLB in OPS vs. RHP

Iwakuma @ Lackey

Williams @ Perez

W. Peralta @ Jackson

Guthrie @ Correia – blue plate special

Kuroda @ Kershaw


Wow, recommending benching a guy that is 9-3 with a 2.15 ERA and 1.17 WHIP is pretty out there. Ballsy even

Can you tell me which of these guys you would keep in a 5×5 roto $260 league?
I can only keep one:
Corbin $5
Puig $5
Harper $15
Matt Carpenter $6
Kipnis $15
Segura $5

Wow, that’s a tough one, Ryan. I think I’d bite the bullet, spend the extra 10 bucks and go with Harper, though Kipnis is very tempting as well since the OF position is a lot deeper than 2B. I don’t think you can go wrong either way.


Hey Zach, as always appreciate your advice. Think Brian Wilson closes this year?

No chance. First, he’s still weeks away from joining the big club. Second, there’s a guy named Kenley Jansen on that time who is pretty good.


H2H points league non keeper, who do you like better rest of the way, Harper and Harvey or Price and Carlos Gonzalez?


Price/Car-Go. I’m concerned that the Mets will limit Harvey’s innings down the stretch, which in my mind knocks him slightly below Price. Car-Go has outperformed Harper in just about every statistical category this year, so that one isn’t even close.


In dogfight for first place, could use HR, RBIs and Saves to gain some ground. Would you deal Bumgarner and Bourn for Alvarez and Kimbrel? Have solid lead in Runs and running about 100 innings over. Can’t move a lot in pitching ratios and K’s.


As long as you have enough speed to somewhat absorb the loss of Bourn, this is a no-brainer for you.


14-team H2H-league with 2 keepers (no restrictions). I was offered the following trade: Receive Bruce and Jose Fernandez for Posey and Beachy. I have Napoli playing 1B and Craig in OF, so they would slide into C and 1B. Extra categories are hits, BB, Assists and SLG for hitters, losses, BB, GIDP and Total bases allowed for pitchers. Would you make this trade? Both teams are still in the race for play-offs.

I love it! I think it makes sense for you for both the present and the future.


so if I lose Peralta and Cabrera to suspension what do you think of Villar as a pick up…I do have Reyes at SS so would use him at MI with my 2B being Roberts/Infante…

Depending on your other options, sure! He’s certainly stealing enough to be a fantasy factor.


Gyorko was dropped in my league and although he has been struggling I picked him up since 2B is slim pickings in my league…do you see him becoming a productive option again for ROS

Yeah, I do. At a thin position, I think he’s definitely passable as a starting MI in a 12-team mixed.


I’m in the fight for first and second place and I have Papelbon and Putz doing absolutely nothing for me… Should I drop Putz and try to trade Papelbon for a higher tier starter or hold onto them. I’m in an NL only 9 team 5×5 roto league

Also what are your thoughts of me adding Blake Parker who will probably close for the Cubs if they trade Kevin Gregg?

Well, now he won’t, though Gregg is a waiver trade deadline candidate. I’d hold off for now.

I’d hold onto both. I still think that there’s a good chance Putz will be back closing within the next month and in a non-mixed league, I have no idea why you’d want to trade Papelbon unless you’re loaded at closer, which I highly doubt being that there’s only 15 guys who are getting saves right now.


one more…Avila has had a good week and is available, wondering if I should pick up in a daily league to back up either Perez/Rosario on their day off…..holding a slim lead in my league and thinking of dropping Cole over Tillman due to inning limit??

This doesn’t make much sense to me. Why would you pick up a guy who would serve merely as a backup in favor of a solid SP who is contributing to your team right now? I’m a fan of both Tillman and Cole.

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