Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 1

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Philadelphia Phillies


Quintana @ Masterson – tough matchup but I love Quintana’s K potential
Shields @ Diamond
Lyles @ Tillman
Delgado @ DarvishDelgado has a very rough stretch of matchups coming up…
King Felix @ Dempster Dempster consistently mediocre, but a decent matchup
Johnson @ Richards – JJ has allowed 19 runs in his last 13.2 IP
Harvey @ Koehler
Kelly @ Morton – be patient, Morton gets the Marlins next
Cain @ Hamels – the ultimate hang with ’em game
Bettis @ Teheran
Nolasco @ Rusin


Howdy. I have Jose Fernandez in an NL only 4×4 keeper league for $1. He’s mine at that price for two more years and then it goes up $5 per year. So, he’s an awesome keeper. I know he doesn’t have many more starts left and will be shut down likely in September. I’m in first place with a 5-8 point lead. Our league has no bench and if a player is on a ML roster, he must be active. So, even if Fernandez is shut down I’d have to burn an active P spot for him. SHould I try to trade him for an upgrade at 2B and C where I’m weak (Jordy Mercer and Rob Brantly)? Or do I just absorb the blow of 4-6 lost starts down the home stretch to hold on this high value keeper?


It’s tempting to deal him, as playing to win now should always be your top priority, and he should net a nice return. But in the case of Fernandez, I just couldn’t do it. His keeper value is too good at that price.


wassup w the nellie situation. can he appeal to delay suspension and can texas incent him to do so?


He can, and we’re still not so sure if he will do so. It’s really a timing issue. Does he want to appeal now and then possibly get a September suspension that could carry over into the postseason if he loses the appeal? Or does he just want to get it over with? Stay tuned.


Thinking pitch Norris in Baltimore against his former team?

Need a CI until Aramis Ramirez comes off the DL. Had Moreland who just killed me. Picked up Smoak who’s killing me now. Roll the dice with Swisher, G. Jones, Alonso, or Lawrie? Thanks!

Of that group, I’d go with Swisher. He’s in the lineup every day (unlike Jones) and has the most power upside of that bunch. After a mediocre first half, I like his chances of rebounding.


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