Pitch or Ditch for Friday, August 2

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Texas Rangers


Harang @ Tillman

Santiago @ Fister – tough matchup for Santiago but I like the K potential

Delgado @ Lester – Lester appears back in the groove. I’m cashing in my profits on Delgado, though

Bumgarner @ Archer

Keuchel @ Deduno – Deduno cashing in hot streak vs. weak schedule

Redmond @ Hanson – both of these guys are intriguing for various reasons, but not enough to pitch here

Ogando @ Milone – Ogando not sharp yet since coming off the DL

Ryu @ Wood – Wood has allowed more than 3 runs only 2 times in 21 starts. Mind, blown.

Medlen @ Lee

Chacin @ Cole

Miller @ Arroyo

W. Davis @ Gee

Jimenez @ Fernandez – gotta run with Ubaldo in Miami

Zimmermann @ Gorzelanny

Sabathia @ Cashner – CC still good enough to try in San Diego


Have a question for you, if this makes any sense..

standard h2h 12team league.. pitching stats: W, SV’s, K, ERA, WHIP.

I have three closers, just dropped papelblow. Wilhemsen, Brothers/Betancourt, and Romo. Heres my question, the saves just aren’t coming and there very few and far between. There are no other closers left on the waiver wire besides Cisnero. In this format of fantasy baseball and the stats recorded, would it be smart to add a relief pitcher with a large amount of holds(obviously holds are not counted in this league) and strikeouts to mix in a couple k’s here and there and maybe a chance to lower the ERA category a hair or two? Or would it be smarter in the long run to just stand pat with what you have, decent starters, and hope for the best with your closers?

Stand pat. Saves are impossible to predict. You might get none one week and then five the next. In the end, it will even out. If your league doesn’t count holds, there’s no reason to drop/bench a closer in favor of a setup guy. There are only a finite number of closers, so at any given time, only 30 players will give you saves. It’s a mistake to dump any unless they’ve lost their closer job.


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