Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, August 3-5

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Seattle Mariners



Garza @ Parker

E. Ramirez @ Feldman – I like Erasmo but the schedule is doing him no favors. Feldman has a 5.12 ERA in 5 starts with the O’s and M’s are scoring more lately

Danks @ Scherzer

Corbin @ Peavy – tough matchup for Corbin but he keeps rolling

Bedard @ Gibson

Lincecum @ Price – Rays are too tough to trust Timmy

Rogers @ Weaver

B. Chen @ Torres

Capuano @ Samardzija

Beachy @ TBD (PHI) – Beachy was OK last time and Phils are banged up

De La Rosa @ Liriano – who woulda thunk it?!

Haren @ Hand

Westbrook @ Cingrani

McAllister @ Turner – tough matchup for Turner, but he’s solid and at home

Nova @ Ross – double-sized blue-plate special!


Rienzo @ Porcello

McCarthy @ Doubront – tough spot for McCarthy’s return

Saunders @ W. Chen

Zito @ R. Hernandez – can you trust a guy who changed his name? Not me

Keuchel @ Pelfrey

Buehrle @ Wilsonnot buying on Buehrle vs. even mid-tier offenses

Holland @ Griffin

Lynn @ Leake – Leake continues to defy logic and expectations

Big Erv @ Hefner

Kazmir @ Eovaldi

Nicasio @ Burnett – Nicasio throwing well enough to use on the road vs. so-so offense

Jordan @ Lohse

Greinke @ Villanueva

Hughes @ Kennedy – great spot for Kennedy’s Padres debut

A. Wood @ Lannan


An. Sanchez @ Kluber

Pettitte @ Quintana

Correia @ Guthrie

Lackey @ Oberholtzer

Perez @ Williams

Dickey @ Iwakuma – your call on Dickey

Kershaw @ Wainwright – pitching porn

Minor @ Strasburg

Thornburg @ Gaudin – family-sized blue-plate special!


Beachy ‘OK’?! 80+ pitches, gave up 2 HRs and 8 hits, 7ER in 3.2IP. If that’s OK I would hate to see what terrible is…

And Buehrle has 3 shutouts in his last 6 starts. He is barely walking anyone and he faces the hapless Angels. I think this is Bizarro week for your picks.🙂

You sure about Samardzija and Cingrani, too? Both seem vulnerable against hot teams right now…Can’t afford to take those hits to ERA and WHIP at this point in the season!

I’m a little nervous to start Kluber in Detroit. His career era there is 9.95. Any words of encouragement?

Never mind. The game is in Cleveland. I understand now

I’m hurting real bad for a 1b I have Lind but someone just dropped Konerko, who you like down the stretch. It’s a 14 team league so the free agents are terrible. Yelich is 1b eligible too he’s really the only other option.


Konerko remains a health risk, but from a pure production standpoint, I’d take my chances on him and his track record. I put your question on the list for today’s podcast, so stay tuned.


No podcast today, guys. We’ll try for tomorrow.

I’m commissioner of an 11-team 5×5 vanilla keeper league (5 keepers) with payouts for the top 3 teams. Team A is in 1st by half a game and Team B is 6 points out of 3rd. They’ve made a trade (now pending) that other managers have asked me to veto. I’ve never vetoed a trade before, and I’ve said on previous occasions that I’ll only do so for apparent collusion. Team A is trading Pierzynski/Segura/Wright/Shelby Miller for V-Mart/Choo/Andrelton Simmons/Kershaw. Keeper values for next season on the players Team B is getting are Pierzynski (19th round), Segura (18), Wright (1), Miller (16). None of the players going to Team A are viable keepers because of round value except for Simmons (15th). On the surface, this looks like Team A is in win-now mode and Team B is playing for keepers. The objections are threefold: 1) the first week of August is too early for Team B to be waving the white flag, 2) if you’re stockpiling keepers acquiring Wright makes no sense at all (and Pierzynski barely makes sense), and 3) Team B already has five slam-dunk keepers–Kimbrel (11th), Machado (14th), Puig (16th), Jose Fernandez (last round), and Brown (last round)–as well as Teheran in the 12th and Archer in the last round. I think this is right on the borderline of veto-able–what do you guys think?


Yeah, it’s a bit of a head scratcher but ultimately I don’t think I could veto this due to the immense keeper value of Segura and solid value of Miller. Who knows, maybe the team trading for Segura/Miller has more trades planned down the road. I don’t think you can veto a trade with the thought that Team X already has five slam-dunk keepers etc. All this means is that he’ll have more choice. And both teams have something to play for. I really don’t see any evidence of collusion.


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