Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 6

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers


Verlander @ Masterson

Kuroda @ Sale

Albers @ Shields

Wright @ Lyles Lyles’ great hot streak feels so long ago…

Darvish @ Richards – Richards excellent lately, and at home vs. potentially Cruz-less Rangers

Johnson @ King Felix

Teheran @ G. Gonzalez

Jackson @ Kendrick – Kendrick 5.91 ERA in his last 10 starts

Alvarez @ Locke – I don’t trust Locke, but the numbers demand “pitch”

Straily @ Latos – tough road matchup for scuffling Straily

Bettis @ Mejia

Kershaw @ Kelly

Hellickson @ Miley

Norris @ Volquez

W. Peralta @ Cain


Hi Cory,

Why don’t you recommend Jackson? The Phillies/Kendrick have been terrible

well I need to drop 3 guys from my team due to suspensions….what do you think of Pill or wallace at 1B and is Pill the starter? May pick up a 6th SP Lynn/ Tillman/ or Delgado? May need a MI with losing Peralta/ Cabrera and now Hanley hurt but may skip on this as not much to choose from….you think Mayberry will continue to start for Phil when Brown returns?

I’d take Wallace over Pill but I’m not a huge fan of either. Lynn would be my SP choice.


I know you don’t recommend using rookie SP Andrew Albers ( Minn) here but can’t find much about him at all, not even listed as on ESPN fantasy free agency yet either. Do you have any info on him?

Here’s his player page on MILB.com. At first glance, I can’t find much more than that.


Would u take j francisco over wallace.

Yeah, I think I would. It’s close though.

No love for Bud Norris in PETCO?

Yeah, I’d personally give it a shot, though overall, Norris has been a little disappointing this year, particularly in the K department.


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