Pitch or Ditch for Friday, August 9

MLB: Washington Nationals at Colorado Rockies


Gibson @ Danks  (Gm 1) – Gibson hasn’t shown anything yet

Hendriks @ Leesman  (Gm 2)

Porcello @ Nova

Weaver @ Jimenez

Parker @ Rogers

Peavy @ Big Erv

Garza @ Bedard

Lohse @ Saunders

Lannan @ Haren – Haren’s unpredictability scares me away here

Cashner @ Arroyo

Turner @ Beachy – tough matchup for Turner but he’s been solid

Rusin @ Lynn – Lynn should continue to get well vs. Cubs

Liriano @ De La Rosa

Hefner @ Corbin

Price @ Capuano

Tillman @ Vogelsong


Kazmir is starting friday instead of Ubaldo, is he worth a start? and should he be kept based on the rest of the Indians schedule? Thanks

I know you can’t ignore the results, but to me, Kazmir is still a PoD guy. I’m not at the point where I can trust him against above average offenses, and I consider the Angels to be an above average offense, despite their up and down performance this year.


Ok, two questions; 1) Drop Samardzija for Jarred Cosart? I’m getting real tired of Jeff’s inconsistency, but the fact that when he’s on, he’s real good has me wondering. And 2) Best OF option out of the following: Willingham, Lake, Yelich, Cody Ross, Lagares or Ruf? I do have Willingham in my DL spot so I could play it safe with him for now if he isn’t the best option, but who’s the best choice out of those?


1. Absolutely not. I refuse to give up on Samardzija, and especially for Cosart, who is pitching over his head and who sports a very mediocre strikeout rate. No thanks.

2. I like Willingham due to the track record. I think he’s the safest choice from here on out, even though he might be rusty at first.


What’s ur thoughts on bj upton will he keep up the hot streak n have a big 2nd half like last yr

Not a fan, but if you have him you’ve got to play him. Since he’s so streaky, he’s a guy who you just have to leave in your lineup and hope that when all is said and done the numbers will be there.


Frieri was dropped and with Parnell on DL I picked him up….I know hes been terrible lately do you think he will regain his form or will he lose the closers role?

Probably worth a pickup but I’m not even sure that he has the closer job right now, as he’s given up runs in four of his last five appearances. Keep him benched for now until this situation sorts itself out.


I’m in a h2h league where playoffs start in September I’m already in playoffs but i could trade my phillips 4 David Wright and Latos 2 a team thats trying 2 make playoffs wright is supposed 2b ready within 2-4 weeks right b4 playoffs should I do it ?


On paper it looks good, but I think it’s just a little too risky, as you would be so dependent on Wright coming back in time for the playoffs. With the Mets out of contention, they’re not going to rush him back. You’d be putting yourself in a situation where you would have less control over the success of your team, and that’s not a good position to be in.


Hey Zach. Drop or bench Marco Estrada next two in Texas & Cincy after his impressive start off DL v SF 5ip/1h/0w/6k 76 pitches? Glimmer of strong finish?

I know this is a little early but I’m in an NL only keeper league and I’m looking to trade away either Bumgarner or Corbin for a SB guy and my sixth keeper spot is between Bumgarner and Corbin, who do you think is the better keeper. Corbin is 5 dollars next year and Bumgarner is 22 dollars next year. What are your thoughts on who my 6 keeper should be, thanks,


I’d lean towards Corbin. $22 isn’t a bad price for Bumgarner in a non-mixed league, but I think it’s also particularly important in non-mixed keepers to build a strong foundation of young and inexpensive keepers. And if they are starting pitchers, all the better, as we don’t like to spend big on starting pitching anyway.


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