Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, August 14

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Los Angeles Angels


Carrasco @ Gibson

Porcello @ Danks – Danks has pitched better than his ERA would suggest, but not good enough to trust vs. the Tigers

Turner @ Big Erv

Weaver @ Nova

Lester @ Johnson – Johnson has pitched better than his ERA would suggest, but not good enough to trust vs. the Sawx

Harang @ Price

Thornburg @ Garza

Cosart @ Parker

Arroyo @ Rusin – the opposite of Danks and Johnson, Rusin is not as good as his ERA would suggest

Cashner @ De La Rosa – arguments for and against both in Coors, but I’ll go for it

Tillman @ Corbin

Lincecum @ Zimmermann

Lannan @ Beachy

Liriano @ Miller

Gee @ Capuano – Capuano worth the gamble vs. the Wright-free Mets


well I dropped Langares to activate Infante…..so after picking up Gyorko recently I have Roberts also……I was thinking of dropping someone for a 6th SP such as Lynn…..leaning towards Roberts or possibly Ruiz as he is my number 3 catcher….Im weak at 1B with Morrison and Wallace who is my only other option…when Hanley returns will use him at CI

since been using Wallace at 1b do you think Helton/ Francisco is a better option

Hey guys,
Please rank these OF for rest of the season for a 12 team, h2h, mixed, 6×6: Ethier, Crisp, Alex Gordon.
Rich D.

I’ll say Gordon, Ethier, Crisp, though Ethier/Crisp is largely dependent on Crisp’s health and Ethier’s playing time once Kemp returns.


Who is a better keeper, Dominic Brown at 15 dollars next year or Carlos Gomez at 9 dollars next year? Gomez has a better AVG but less HR and RBI but I have Goldschmidt, Alvarez and McCutchen for HR and RBI. I’m thinking about offering Dominic Brown for Gomez I’m 52 SB back from first but 6 away from the spot ahead of me. What are your thoughts?

Similar value next year id say, both rising stars. So if you need speed and Gomez is cheaper then he’s your man. Go for it.

I’ll say Gomez. He’s cheaper and is the superior overall five-category player.


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