Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 15

MLB: San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Dodgers


Wilson @ Hughes – Yanks no longer the cupcakes they have been, but CJ worth the shot
Bedard @ Gray – toss-up on Gray, let your categories be your guide
Peavy @ Buehrle
Guthrie @ An. Sanchez
Saunders @ Cobbgood setting for Cobb’s return
Rienzo @ Pelfrey
Burnett @ Lynn
Vogelsong @ Haren – Haren rolling of late, might as well take a shot
Cingrani @ Lohse
Wheeler @ Ross – good matchup for both


Thoughts on Aramis Big Z?

Know the 411 used to be a fan of him (when he wasnt hurt!), but he’s been fairly mediocre this year when he did play? Think he’s still got some left in the tank?

I need a 3B bad as Wright could be out all year, trying to decide whether to part with more for Alvarez or just get Aramis in a deal (same owner). Is Alvarez a major upgrade (OBP league)?

Since I own Aramis in Tout Wars, I sure hope he has something left! I think he does, and if the price to acquire Alvarez is significantly higher, I’d be perfectly content with going after Aramis. The OBP factor does narrow the gap between the two third basemen.


Hey Zach,
Want to get your thoughts on the use of FAAB money over the season. In my money leagues we get $160. At this point in the season I have between $8-$15 left. I see a number of teams that have over half of their FAAB left, which doesn’t make much sense to me. For September call-ups I’d be looking for cheap keepers so wouldn’t be bidding more than $3. I spent a lot earlier in the season to get closers after an injury since my closers ended up on the DL. Paid a lot for saves by Bell and Hawkins (NL only) but those few saves gained me about 3-4 points (I was at the bottom so not difficult to gain). I was very active in FAAB throughout the season, so I mixed and matched until I got the guys I thought would be best for the price for this year and the future. In the past this has gotten me Lynn for $3, Ruf for $2, Flores for $2, Cingrani for $2, Liriano for $1, Dom Brown for $5. But I also spent about $80 for a dozen saves over this year.
So, do you have a strategy for use of FAAB through the season. At this point in the season what % of FAAB are you shooting for?

I’m of the belief that spending early is the best way to go, as your FAAB adds will have more of an impact on the final standings, and there’s nothing worse than having half your budget left come September. That doesn’t mean that you should go spend crazy in April, but if there’s someone who you know can help you immediately, by all means go and get him. At this point in the season, I don’t think you should have more than 25 percent of your budget left. I’d say that if you have spent anywhere from 75-85 percent of your budget, you’re in good shape.


need wins and Ks this week, my team is in 1st but on a losing streak,,,,grabbed Francisco over wallace and picked up Haren but will want to drop a starter as have 7 for a reliever like Ramos or someone in line to get holds….thinking maybe dropping s miller or Bailey and play POD when needed….????????

If you need wins and K’s, why are you dropping starting pitchers for setup guys? To me, Miller and Bailey aren’t waiver wire material in pretty much any league format.

Thoughts on Jim Johnson? He’s blown saves in his last 3 outings & even though it’s been an issue throughout the season, it’s becoming more of an issue as of late. Also, Benoit, Perkins, Mujica, Uehara, Jansen & Cishek are available in my league. So would any of them be better than Johnson the rest of the way? (Melancon’s also out there, but with Grilli possibly returning by the end of Aug, didn’t want to include him)

How on earth are all of those closers available? Normally, I’d say to stick with Johnson, but I’d probably feel more comfortable with Mujica from here on out, though all of those closers belong on rosters unless it’s a 6-team league.


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