Pitch or Ditch for Friday, August 16

MLB: Miami Marlins at Milwaukee Brewers


Shields @ Verlander (Gm 1) – Verlander the 2013 poster boy as to why you shouldn’t draft starting pitching early

Duffy @ TBD (DET) (Gm 2)

Nicasio @ W. Chen – Terrible matchup for Nicasio

Pettitte @ Doubront – Doubront a decent play in deeper leagues but I just don’t see the upside here vs. a suddenly formidable Yankee lineup

Dickey @ R. Hernandez – Dickey’s on a nice roll

Iwakuma @ Holland – Iwakuma fading badly and was mediocre @TEX earlier this year

Quintana @ Correia – Quintana worth a shot here despite poor outing vs. MIN his last time out

Peacock @ Williams

Masterson @ Griffin

Westbrook @ Arrieta – NL-only leaguers should keep an eye on Arrieta though

Greinke @ Lee

McCarthy @ Cole – I need to see more from McCarthy before I can trust him against halfway decent offenses

Gaudin @ Eovaldi – Did you know that Eovaldi is 9-for-10 in quality starts?

Jordan @ A. Wood – Wood has been very impressive

Leake @ Gorzelanny

Niese @ Kennedy – Ideal matchups for both


Andre Ethier/Coco Crisp for Alex Gordon/Junior Lake. Which side wins?


I like Gordon/Lake. To me, Gordon is far and away the best player of the four and Lake certainly has considerable upside. Both Ethier and Crisp, for different reasons, are risky options.


well I needed some speed so picked up Bonifacio…..so have him and Infante for 2B/MI is Wong worth a pick up over either of them and will he be the starter for the Cards?

Yeah, Wong is expected to receive regular playing time. The Cards would not have called him up if that were not the case. I think I’d rather have Wong than Bonifacio going forward, but it’s really tough to say right now since we haven’t seen Wong play a big league game yet.


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