Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 20

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers


Rogers @ Nova (Gm 1)

Buehrle @ Hughes (Gm 2)

Cobb @ M. Gonzalez – tough matchup for both, let your categories make the call

Pelfrey @ Porcello

Cosart @ Blackley

Danks @ Big Erv – sticking with Danks’ solid K-BB numbers vs. weaker offense

Salazar @ Wilson

Saunders @ Gray

De La Rosa @ Cloyd

Corbin @ Cingrani

Beachy @ Wheeler

Capuano @ Turner – Capuano worth a look in deeper and unmixed leagues

Haren @ Rusin – can Nationals hit lefties? Do you want to risk Rusin to find out?

Lynn @ Lohse – Lohse risky vs. tough Cardinals but has been solid

Burnett @ Ross

Peavy @ Vogelsong

                                                                                                                                                ***ZACH SAYS “I know Porcello has been hit or miss this year but in deeper mixed leagues I’d pitch him versus a mediocre at best Twins lineup. Agree on rest.”


What are your thoughts on Chase Headley? It’s getting late in the season and I need to figure out if I should drop Headley for someone like Chris Johnson of ATL. Thoughts?
Rich D.


I’m pretty surprised that Johnson is available in your league, and I’m all for a Headley for Johnson switch. As Cory likes to say, at this point in the season, feel free to cover up the names and go by the numbers.


I have a 2 game lead in my league with only 2 weeks left….winning my division is almost more important than winning in the playoffs although that would be nice….there are 2 teams tied for 2nd and one has won like 7 in a row….so my question is should I go for it this week even if it means dropping pitchers Ive used all season such as S Miller or Bailey for POD if I need to chase those categories? Also what you think of Aramis Ramirez ROS as he was just dropped or Ruiz

Yeah, A-Ram is a must-add in my mind. He homered yesterday and has always been productive when healthy, and he’s healthy, at least for now.

As for your strategy, you really have to make the decision based on the advantages you’d get in the playoffs by winning your division. After all, it’s the playoffs that you should be focused on.


I have 7 SP drop Peavy for A Ram or Moose

I dropped Peavy for A Ram since Peavy was just a 1 game pick up for me….if need a extra pitcher this week I would have to consider dropping someone….who would you drop out of Moose/ A Rod/ Gyrko/ Carter although he is my only 1B besides Morrison and would consider Bonifacio but need his SB have been helpful or McClouth as he is my 6th OF but playing with Gomez hurt and Morrison/ Carter both have OF eligibility

That’s one long sentence! I’d drop Moose.


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