Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, August 21

MLB: New York Mets at Atlanta Braves


Iwakuma @ Griffin – Griffin has been shaky of late but it’s a favorable matchup

Hellickson @ W. Chen

Masterson @ Williams

Dickey @ Pettitte – both are hit-and-miss of late… let the categories guide you

Correia @ An. Sanchez

Bedard @ Holland

Rienzo @ Guthrie – Guthrie has some upside vs. weak-hitting ChiSox, but he’s risky

A. Wood @ Nieseplaying it safe on Niese vs. top offense

Westbrook @ Gorzelanny

Doubront @ Gaudin – Gaudin bombed last time out and Red Sox can rake

Cole @ Kennedy – Kennedy too inconsistent to trust, home or away

Nicasio @ Lee

McCarthy @ Leake

Greinke @ Eovaldi

Ohlendorf @ Arrieta – keep an eye on both, though


Khris Davis or McClouth?

McLouth has been awful this month while Davis is red hot. At this point, I’ll have to go by the recent trends and say Davis.


Funny how one start can change EVERYTHING. Laughing with you, not at you, or crying (actually I just cussed a lot), but I took your advice 5 days ago based on the info you provided (9 out of 10 in quality starts), and started Eovaldi, who as we know, proceeded to get hammered, and left in the game WAYYY too long. But now he is 9 for 11 in quality starts, and nobody wants to go NEAR him. I also agree with this decision, but I just find it a little weird how the stats STILL say he is 9 for 11 in quality starts, but the one blow up 5 days ago makes him poison today. And so it should, after all, he IS Nathan Eovaldi, not Justin Verlander. But if he throws 6 shutout innings today, he’s back on the radar. Strange game we play.

Yeah, very frustrating stuff. I remembered saying pitch on him when I saw that box score and well, what can you do? As we like to say, “Don’t confuse the outcome with the decision.”


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