Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 22

MLB: New York Yankees at Texas Rangers


Happ @ Pettitte – Pettitte very hittable at home this year, but Jays are decimated

Albers @ Verlander – not trusting Albers’ hot start vs. Tigers

Quintana @ Shields

Cahill @ Latos

Kershaw @ Alvarez – Alvarez solid so far but Dodgers are too tough

Strasburg @ T. Wood Wood regressing slightly but Nats struggle vs. lefties

Bettis @ Kendrick

Maholm @ Kelly

Locke @ Cain – Locke allowing .325 AVG since All-Star


Hey guys. A non-PoD question. For those who have Jason Heyward, is Jordan Schafer the handcuff for him or someone else? I am attacking categories and could move up in SB and would like to consolidate my spot in R without sacrificing average. I’m in a 14-team mixed and he would probably replace Josh Willingham.

Yeah, it looks like Schafer is the guy, and of course if you need speed, he’s a fine option. Now is the time when attacking categories should be your priority.


Hey Zach,
Mike Leake or Alex Cobb in a 12t, h2h, 6×6 league?
Rich D.

Cobb. Higher K upside and Leake is fading.

Hey Zach,

14 team H2H, I currently have Andrus as my SS and asdrubal Cabrera as my util player. Would I be better off dropping asdrubal for any of the following: aramis Ramirez, reddick, bonifacio, gyorko, Jon jay, ruf, Francisco, moss or dozier.

I just want to strengthen my hitting if possible heading into the playoffs.



Yeah, I’d definitely do that. The pickup kind of depends on category needs but overall value wise, I’d lean towards A-Ram. I think as long as he’s healthy, he’s the safest option.


Cingrani or Lincecum rest of season?

Cingrani might get shut down at some point in mid-September, but as long as he’s pitching I’d feel a lot more comfortable with him than Tiny Tim.


Hey Zach – What do I do with Headley? Do I drop him for Lind, G. Jones, or Bonaficio? I have Beltre, Gyorko, and Lawrie so wondering if I should just cut him or if you think I should hang on to see if/where he ends up.

I just don’t think he’s cut material, despite all the struggles.

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