Pitch or Ditch for Friday, August 23

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Washington Nationals


Kuroda @ Archer
Straily @ Norris – tough matchup for Straily so I’ll play it safe
Deduno @ Jimenez – not much conviction on this “pitch” though
Perez @ Sale
G. Gonzalez @ B. Chen
Redmond @ Lyles
Richards @ King Felix
Miley @ Hamels
Gallardo @ Bailey – not buying into YoGa’s resurgence just yet
Fister @ Matsuzaka
Chacin @ Koehler
Medlen @ Wainwright
Lackey @ Nolasco
Jackson @ Volquez
Morton @ Bumgarner – watch Morton next to video of vintage Halladay… not too dissimilar stylistically, at least


Hey, Kyle Lohse just got dropped in my league. My starting pitching is crumbling, and I would love to shore up my rotation for the playoffs. I’ve got the #1 spot on the waiver wire; do you think it’s worth burning it on a guy like Lohse? Or should I wait til the 2-day waiting period expires on him and hope no one else claims him?

I’m not a huge fan of Lohse but the numbers don’t lie. And at this point in the season, the #1 waiver priority is less of a big deal. I’m OK with that move.


What are your thoughts on this trade, I give up Cody Asche and Billy Hamilton for Edward Mujica, David Wright, Brandon Phillips and Brandon Belt Asche is not a keeper but Hamilton might be and none of the people I am getting are keepers but I’m trying to place 2nd or 3rd and I need RBI and HR to take over first in both of those categories.

I’m in a NL only keeper league

If you’re trying to win now, that’s a steal for you, even if Wright doesn’t play another game this season.


I have Bailey but worried about his start against Mil this time around due to his inconsistent starts at times….I have A Ram/ K Davis/ Gomez for my offense so may sit him in hopes my offense does well and not at the expense of my pitcher….I picked up Redmond to replace him for today only….dumb decision?

Who knows, this might turn out to be a genius move, but I think you’re over-managing here. Trust the track record. I sure don’t trust Redmond more than Bailey.


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