Two-Start Pitcher Notes – Week of 9/2

Zach here,

No podcast today but you can always count on my two-start pitcher notes each and every Friday.

Have a splendid Labor Day weekend!

Ian Kennedy  (vs. SF, vs. COL)

As I said in the Pitch or Ditch post below, Kennedy is DTM. For some crazy reason, I drafted him on four of my five teams this year, fully convinced that a bounce back season was in store. Oops. He’s steadily regressed in just about every statistical category for two years running now, and while his move to the Padres is somewhat promising, he hasn’t even taken advantage of Petco yet, having already gotten hammered there by the Mets. The Mets! Anyway, despite these two promising home matchups, I can’t trust this guy under any circumstances. It’s as simple as that, though would I be surprised if he pitches well next week? Not really. But I don’t care. Ditch.

Jose Quintana  (@NYY, @BAL)

Let’s face it, this guy has been extremely consistent this season. Better yet, he’s even upped his strikeout rate significantly in eight starts since the All-Star break, with 48 punchouts in 50 2/3 innings. These matchups are far from ideal, but the Yankees are still an inconsistent offensive club and I’m at the point with Quintana where I trust him regardless of the opponent. Pitch.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox

Bud Norris  (@CLE, vs. CHW) 

The 3-1 record is nice, but the 4.91 ERA and 1.70 WHIP since joining the Orioles is flat out ugly. There’s always strikeout upside with Norris, but his habit of blowing up every now and then has me fearing that if you do choose to pitch him and one of these starts turns out to be a disaster outing (a legitimate possibility), your whole week would be ruined. Better be safe than sorry. Ditch.

Charlie Morton  (@MIL, @STL)

Five straight starts of two earned runs or less might have you thinking that Morton in a two-start week is a no-brainer pitch. Not quite. For the season, the Cardinals lead the NL in runs scored and batting average. And it’s not even close. Then there’s the fact that the last time Morton gave up more than two earned runs in a start was on August 1st. Against who? Yup, the Cardinals! If we were just talking about the @MIL start, I’d say pitch. But unfortunately, the @MIL start is tied to the @STL start, so I’ll say ditch. Feel free to pitch him in NL-only leagues though, as you probably don’t have many better options. And who knows, maybe Morton will surprise me. He already has.

Erasmo Ramirez  (@KC, vs. TB)

I really like what I’ve seen from Erasmo this year. I like the high strikeout rate. I like the exceptional 3.00 K/BB ratio. The 5.18 ERA is largely the product of an inflated home run rate, and being that Ramirez served up only six homers over 59 innings last season compared to nine in 48 2/3 frames this year, I think he’s bound to improve in that department. The Royals and Rays are both middle of the pack offenses, so I don’t have much of a problem pitching Ramirez next week.


I just added Reymond Fuentes and Jordan Schafer because I need SB do I drop both Ludwick and Marisnick for them or do I drop either Schafer or Fuentes and keep Marisnick or Ludwick

I’m in a 5X5 roto keeper NL only league

If it’s a round value keeper format and you’re already in good shape in the power department, I’d be more inclined to drop Ludwick for Fuentes and keep Marisnick. Otherwise, I’d drop Marisnick for Fuentes and keep Ludwick. I’m a lot higher on Fuentes than I am on Schafer.


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