Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, September 3

MLB: Houston Astros at Oakland Athletics


Sale @ Kuroda

Tillman @ Jimenez

Scherzer @ Lester

E. Ramirez @ B. Chen – Ramirez a good source of K’s and this is a decent matchup.

P. Hernandez @ Cosart – Great matchup for Cosart, who has allowed 2 ER or less in seven of his eight starts this year.

Moore @ Vargas

Perez @ Colon – Bartolo passed the @DET test, so I’ll pitch him here.

G. Gonzalez @ Martin

Torres @ Medlen – Torres continues to pitch well but I’ll play it safe in rough matchup.

Koehler @ Jackson

Wacha @ Bailey – Wacha a little too risky.

Cole @ Gallardo

Nolasco @ Chacin – Nolasco’s career numbers at Coors are ugly.

Redmond @ Miley

Bumgarner @ Erlin


Agree Nolasco should be a ditch here. This could be the start everyone was waiting for where he just gets rocked.

Final week of the regular season and then playoffs begin. I’ve had LaRoche at 1B for a bit and Brandon Moss is still available. Make the switch or stand pat?
Rich D.


I’ve been very patient up to this point with LaRoche in anticipation of his trademark second half surge. But it’s September already and he’s simply not getting it done while Moss is producing, at least in the power categories. I’d go with Moss.


thinking of picking up a spot starter tonight…Lester if Miggy is out of line up….would you drop Holland? Since there are only 3 weeks…..I picked up Tabata and A Garcia yesterday since Gomez/ Beltran/ Brown were all unable to play so could drop one of them if others healthy?

Yeah, I think I’d drop Tabata and hold onto Holland. Garcia has more power upside and Tabata isn’t even running.


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