Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, September 4

MLB: New York Yankees at San Diego Padres


Hendriks @ Lyles

Darvish @ Parker

Porcello @ Dempster

Britton @ McAllister

Johnson @ Sabathia – still trotting CC out there vs. low-tier offenses

Walker @ Big Erv

Hellickson @ Weaver

Gee @ Loe – Teheran being skipped to hold down IP count

Flynn @ Samardzija

Buehrle @ Delgado

Lincecum @ Stults – the matchup says gamble on both

Zimmermann @ Halladay – don’t expect vintage Halladay, but gotta try

S. Miller @ Arroyo – Miller is fading and Cincy is tough at home

Liriano @ W. Peralta – borderline call on Peralta; let your categories be your guide

Volquez @ De La Rosa – tough matchup but DLR keeps getting it done

                                                                                                                                                ***ZACH SAYS “Depending on your categorical needs, I might pitch Walker, as he was impressive in his big league debut. I’m a little concerned about Gee @ATL. If you’re ever going to ditch him and you have that luxury, now would be the time. Agree on rest.”


Would White Sox prospect Erik Johnson be worth a start?


Depends on your individual situation but in a mixed league, I tend to shy away from starting pitchers who are making their big league debut, particularly this late in the season when you have less time to recover from a rough ERA/WHIP outing. Plus, the Yankees are hitting a lot better of late.


Hey thanks again for all the picks this season, really helped me out a lot. Deduno was a nice little surprise for a couple wins this season. One last question for you. What was your overall impression of Domonic Brown this year? There was a lot of chatter on yahoo fantasy boards a little while back on him. ‘Hes a bum’, ‘Hes just lucky’, ‘Hes a top power outfielder’. I don’t know, I get all the philly games and was rather impressed early on, but he seemed to just fizzle out as the year progressed. He either hits a home run or strikes out. That swing he has didn’t really do much but shoot a rickety blooper past short stop if he didn’t knock it out of the park. Unlike someone like a Chris Davis, who seems like he can drive the ball far left or right even if it isnt a home run. Is he worth an early draft pick goin into 2014 as a power outfielder?

Brown’s power production has tailed off quite a bit in the second half and he was never really a big time power hitter in the Minors. I’d be open to drafting anyone if the price is right, but with Brown I think there’s a good chance he’ll be overvalued due to that crazy early-season HR stretch and the high probability that there will be at least one Phillies fan in your league! As an early-round pick, there’s just too much risk attached to him for my liking.


Scherzer for Votto? I have Scherzer, and I am in a tight race for the lead in R, HR, RBI, & AVG. I am under the 200 GS limit and currently leading in K’s & Wins; I’m up 120 K’s on the next person under the limit (25 K’s ahead of second place.) Also I have 10 more wins than second place. Good trade proposal?

Also, Votto would replace Infante in my lineup.

Yup, sounds like that trade makes a whole lot of sense for you.


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