Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, September 5

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Kansas City Royals


Saunders @ Guthrie – Guthrie worth a gamble if chasing wins

Peavy @ Nova – Nova en fuego since returning from minors

Quintana @ M. Gonzalez O’s are somewhat vulnerable to lefties

Price @ J. Williams

Peacock @ Gray – Peacock worth a gamble if chasing K’s

Lynn @ Cingrani – not trusting either in this matchup

Cahill @ Vogelsong


Cahill’s stats against SF not good in 3 starts. He’s been pitching better lately, but he’s iffy if you’re hoping to take your ratios.

Lynn a PoD at this point, or hold on to him?

PoD. He’s 2-5 with a 4.91 ERA and 1.47 WHIP in nine starts since the All-Star break. Very hard to trust him right now outside of ultra-favorable matchups.


Hey Zach,
My current SP’s are Sale, Ryu, Garza, Holland, Gio, and Zimmerman. Nolasco is still available and I really like the upcoming Dodgers schedule: AZ, SF, SD, AZ. Would you consider dropping any of the SP’s for Nolasco? My RPs are Nathan, Mujica, and Frieri.
Rich D.

If it means dropping one of those guys, I’d pass, though I’d see if there are any other drop candidates, perhaps a bench hitter?


My bench with the starter in parentheses: Weiters (Pierzynski), Dozier (Andrus), LaRoche (AGon).
My OF is a little cramped with Fowler, McLouth, Crisp, Carpenter (STL), and Harper.

You know what, I think I’d drop LaRoche if you really don’t need him in your active lineup. I’ve been very disappointed with him this season and we’re still waiting for that trademark monster second half, but at this point I’m giving up on that thought. And it’s not like you’re going to bench A-Gon anyway.

well with so few games today had to make some moves Id normally would hesitate to do but with this being the playoffs and Im behind but close I dropped S Miller/ Gattis/ Chacin for M Adams/ Pollock and Peavy I other wise have a sound foundation to get me through the weekend…you think its time to be making daily moves to chase categories I now have 8 offensive players( hope they start) and my opponent has 11 but with peavy have him and gray starting

As long as the moves aren’t crazy, sure, now’s the time to focus more on the stats and less on the names.


is dominic brown worth holding onto at this point or is he wasting a roster spot

Worth holding onto.

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