Pitch or Ditch for Friday, September 6

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox


Doubront @ Pettitte – both lefties on a nice run

Danks @ Feldman – Feldman worth a look vs. rebuilding ChiSox

Wheeler @ Kazmir – Kazmir worth a gamble vs. old team

An. Sanchez @ Shields

Dickey @ Pelfrey

Garza @ Wilson

Keuchel @ Griffin

Cobb @ Iwakuma – Iwakuma to be shut down in another 2-3 starts

Lohse @ Rusin

Minor @ Lee

Capuano @ Leake – the regression zombies are feasting on Leake’s ERA

Haren @ J. Fernandez – enjoy the last 20 IP from Fernandez!

Burnett @ Kelly – Kelly has a 2.11 (!) ERA in 11 starts

Nicasio @ Smith – Nicasio worth a shot on the road vs. weak Padres

Corbin @ Petit – Corbin may be fading but Giants are an easy draw

                                                                                                                                                ***ZACH SAYS “Doubront is coming off an ugly outing vs. the awful White Sox and the Yankee lineup has really found its groove, so I’d play it safe and ditch in 12-team mixed leagues. I’m probably way too loyal to Haren, but particularly if you’re chasing K’s, the matchup is very favorable. And who knows, maybe, just maybe, he’ll help your ERA and WHIP too!”


Hi, guys-
I have got a two-part question for you. My fantasy playoffs start next week and I am going to have to make some tough roster choices during the postseason. First, I have Jose Fernandez, who I will likely lose after the first round next week (if I make it that far—fingers crossed). I am sure that, at some point, I would need to drop him or someone else for another starter if I make it past round 1. So do you think I could drop the Marlins’ young arm at that point? Or is he worthy of a keeper slot next year?

In my league (12 team, mixed, H2H) you get 4 keepers; at this point, I would keep King Felix, Bumgarner, Encarnacion and maybe Braun. Those are easily my best options. Here is where my other question comes into play: do I cut ties with Braun (and keep Fernandez?) or continue to hold onto him? A few weeks ago I never would have thought of cutting Braun but I can’t afford to have two people (him and Fernandez) taking up space on my roster and not playing. Plus I worry about a little regression from Braun next year. What do you guys think? Thanks for any advice!


Yeah, it is crazy that we’re even talking about this, but I’d stick with Braun if it’s a straight keeper league (no round/dollar values). Chances are you’ll be able to get Fernandez back. I still don’t see him as a top-4 round player, and if he does get taken that high, I think it’s overpaying considering the risk attached to starting pitching. Two SPs out of four keeper slots is more than enough in my mind. I think of it this way. Braun as a fourth rounder carries more upside than Fernandez as a fourth rounder.


You definitely keep Fernandez. He is an ace.

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