Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, September 18

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers


Diamond @ Danks – I’m done with Danks

Vargas @ Griffin – Just FYI, A’s and Angels are 3rd and 4th in MLB in OPS in September

Holland @ Archer – Dutch having a very poor second half for fading Rangers

Hughes @ Happ

Iwakuma @ Verlander

W. Chen @ Peavy

Salazar @ B. Chen you’ll only get ~80 pitches from Salazar but they’ll probably be good ones!

Reynolds @ Peacock – high risk/high reward on Peacock, chase K’s if necessary

A. Wood @ Ohlendorf

Eovaldi @ Miner

Ross @ Morton – do you trust Ross after his last meltdown? Pirates O is improved

Cain @ Harang

Rusin @ Thornburg

Wainwright @ Chatwood

Fife @ McCarthy – Fife gets the start in place of resting Kershaw… McCarthy much better at home


I had picked up felix hernandez but he hasnt pitched so dropped him for Salazar tomorrow….need to win this week so had to go for a sure start????

follow up do you think Felix will start this weekend, if so could pick up again for Salazar or pick up another option

Yeah, I would’ve tried not to drop Felix as it sounds like he has a decent chance of making one or two more starts before the end of the season, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if the M’s decide to shut him down being that they’re out of contention. All in all, if Felix was truly your best drop option, I don’t have a huge problem with that move as you needed immediate help.


someone just dropped Ellsbury? Will he return in time to be a factor the last 1 and a half weeks

Certainly worth a pickup to find out!


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