2013 All-Surprise + All-Disappointment Teams

Hey everyone,

On today’s penultimate podcast of the 2013 season, we unveiled our annual All-Surprise and All-Disappointment teams. Here are the rosters with some honorable mentions thrown into the mix. And as always, feel free to post your own choices and I’ll be sure to either approve of them or tell you that you’re crazy!

One final podcast will be coming your way next week. We’ll share our All-Fantasy team but will dedicate most of the show to you, the fan. So send in all of your questions, keeper related or not, and we’ll be able to get through a ton of them.


MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Milwaukee Brewers

                                                                                                                                        ALL-SURPRISE TEAM

C – J. Castro

1B – C. Davis

3B – J. Donaldson (honorable mentions to Miggy and C. Johnson)

2B – M. Carpenter

SS – J. Segura

OF – D. Brown, M. Byrd, N. Schierholtz (honorable mentions to Y. Puig, B. Moss, R. Ibanez)

SP – J.Fernandez, Colon (honorable mentions to F. Liriano, H. Iwakuma, M. Leake, J. Lackey)

CL – E. Mujica

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Arizona Diamondbacks                                                                                                                               ALL-DISAPPOINTMENT TEAM

C – J.Montero (honorable mentions to M. Montero, S. Perez)

1B – I. Davis (honorable mention to P. Konerko)

3B – C. Headley (honorable mention to W. Middlebrooks)

2B – D. Espinosa (honorable mention to R. Weeks)

SS – S. Castro (honorable mention to J-Roll)

OF – M. Kemp, J. Hamilton, B.J. Upton

SP – CC Sabathia, Y. Gallardo (honorable mentions to M. Cain, R.A. Dickey)

CL – J. Axford (honorable mention to T. Wilhelmsen)


Can I suggest Ryan Braun for all-disappointment, albeit for non-strictly-fantasy reasons?

Brad from Bay Area

Yeah, Braun was definitely a big time pain in the neck for his owners but we really geared this to on-field performance. Braun was certainly a little disappointing in that regard as well but not to the extent of Kemp/Hamilton/Upton.


well for the people that took verlander whom mostly went in the late first early 2nd round I imagine he was a big disappointment.Thats why you don’t take pitchers that early .

Even tho he didn’t make it to the end of the season, I think Matt Harvey deserves honorable mention on all surprise team. He was a beast most of the season and definitely helped me win in one league

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