Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, September 19

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at New York Mets


Paxton @ Fister

Keuchel @ Jimenez

Kuroda @ Redmond – Not giving up on Kuroda.

Tillman @ Lackey – Tillman a borderline call this late in the season but he’s dominated the Red Sox this year (3-0, 1.42 ERA in four starts).

Darvish @ Moore

Correia @ Straily – Good matchup for Straily.

Kennedy @ Cole – Every time I say pitch on Kennedy, he blows up, so I’d pass unless you’re chasing K’s.

Bumgarner @ Niese

Arrieta @ Lohse

Wacha @ Oswalt – Playing it safe on Wacha at Coors.

Nolasco @ Miley – Nolasco coming off disaster outing, so if you’d like to sit him here, that’s fine too.

Alvarez @ Strasburg


Hey Goose,

Thanks for updating the blog all season, I’m guessing its hard to stay optimistic at this point in the season, but I just wanted to say thanks!

I have a question for the podcast (I’m not really a twitter guy) that I was hoping you could pass along.

14 team mixed, head to head categories, 5×5 OBP instead of AVG.

I have Hosmer as a keeper in the 14th, and I’ve always drafted position scarcity first in my leagues when it comes to offense. When you’re drafting around your keepers how often do you try and fill in other positions or go for the best player regardless of position, i.e. in my case grabbing a SS or 3B early and relying on Hosmer at first, or grabbing a better 1B with 4 to 5 category potential and plugging Hosmer in the util spot?

Thanks Guys!


I’ll add this to the question list for next week’s podcast.


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