Pitch or Ditch for Friday, September 20

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs


Lincecum @ Sabathia – if you still trust CC, gotta start him vs. the weak-hitting Giants
Oberholtzer @ McAllister
Rienzo @ Scherzer
Rogers @ Lester
Hammel @ Price
Perez @ Big Erv
Ramirez @ Shoemaker
Albers @ Colon
Maholm @ Baker – Baker’s post-surgery stuff has not been as impressive as the results
Turner @ Zimmermann
Matsuzaka @ Hamels
Latos @ Liriano
S. Miller @ Hellweg
Delgado @ Chacin – going for it with Chacin at home
Volquez @ Erlin


Matt Shoemaker is starting for the Angels tomorrow

Better jump all over him.

Yeah right. Ditch for sure.

Hi Zach heres the scoop. I’ve acquired Wright over the past year despite his bad contract. Now is the time it starts to hurt me as he’s tied down for another year at 39 bucks.

If I decide to cut him the penalty for broken contracts is half his salary for the following year. However with Wright also means I have 10 potential keepers with only a max of 8.

So my question is do I cut him now/at the end of the year and face a 19 buck penalty off our 266 auction budget next year and free up space for another keeper, or take the hit and keep him for a hefty 39 big ones next year?


39 bucks isn’t a terrible price for Wright when factoring in inflation, so my gut feeling is to just keep him, as the net gain for letting him go would only be 20 bucks, which won’t get you a player nearly as valuable as Wright come auction day 2014. But it also depends on your other keepers and who you would be forced to let go if you keep Wright. But in a bubble, I’d lean towards holding onto Wright.


Thanks Zach, sound advice. Whats your reason for accounting for inflation though, on what reason? I’d probably be losing (not keeping) Homer ($8) if I kept Wright so let me know if that changes things too.

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