Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, September 24

***First, a reminder that our final podcast of the 2013 season will be coming your way on Thursday, and we’ll devote a good chunk of time to listener questions. So send in all your keeper questions through Twitter (@fantasy411) or you can post them right here on the blog.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Detroit Tigers


Redmond @ Tillman – both are risk/reward so let the categories guide you

Santiago @ Jimenez – Ubaldo leads the AL in ERA since All-Star

Moore @ KurodaKuroda 5.14 ERA in his last 9 starts

Peacock @ Darvish – chase K’s with Peacock but ditch otherwise

Fister @ Diamond

Griffin @ Vargas

B. Chen @ Paxton – why not Chen, why not now?

Thornburg @ Garcia

Niese @ Leake – still not trusting Niese on the road vs. top offenses

Miner @ Alvarez

Cole @ Rusin

G. Gonzalez @ Wacha – we’ll forgive Wacha for the Coors meltdown

Lackey @ ChatwoodChatwood in Coors vs. the Red Sox? Uh, no

Miley @ Ross

Ryu @ Cain


I wanted to thank you guys for all the great work this year. I’m 1.5 points away from taking the league and have been jostling with the leader for the last few weeks. Exciting.

We are in a 5 x 5 12 team roto that uses QS & OPS. It’s a 4 keeper league with a snake draft. I’m thinking about keepers for next season. Thoughts?

Robinson Cano
Adriene Beltre
Carlos Gomez
Freddie Freeman
Alfonso Soriano
Starling Marte (snagged him off the wire last week)
Carlos Santana

David Price

W Ramos or Yadi? Callaspo or Dozier?

Desperately need power!

And that wouldnt be dropping Yadi (got him as a keeper for 14), just benching short term while I plug Ramos in.

It’s tough to predict homers, so I’d go with Yadi at catcher. He’s the safer player overall. Definitely Dozier over Callaspo.


Ok one hopefully for the podcast on Thursday as we know how much Cory loves E5, (and Kipnis to some extent!):

Got Kipnis in a keeper after trading E5 for him halfway through the year.

Now I’ve got a very sour taste in my mouth from what Kipnis has given me the 2nd half, so I don’t want to act impulsively, can’t forget what he did 1st half. Im tempted to offer the trade reverse in the offseason to get EE back, wanna see if you think it’s worth doing.

Who would you rather have: EE signed through 2014 at $8, or Kipnis able to be signed this offseason for 1 year ($9), 2 yrs ($12) or 3 yrs ($14)? Flexibility with Kipnis, better price and player for 1 year with E5, tough one isn’t it!

I’m in the championship of my head to head league. Should I risk starting lackey at coors?

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