2013 All-Fantasy Team

Hey everyone,

Today marked our final podcast of the 2013 season, so it was only fitting that we dedicated it to the fans, answering a plethora of listener questions (11 to be exact) in addition to unveiling our All-Fantasy team. Here’s the All-Fantasy roster, and good luck to all of you in your quest to take home a fantasy title!


C – Y. Molina (honorable mentions to W. Rosario, J. Lucroy)

1B – C. Davis (honorable mention to P. Goldschmidt)

MLB: Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees

3B – M. Cabrera

2B – R. Cano (honorable mentions to J. Kipnis, M. Carpenter)

SS – J. Segura (honorable mentions to I. Desmond, E. Andrus)

OF – M. Trout

OF – A. McCutchen

OF – J. Ellsbury (honorable mentions to A. Jones, H. Pence, A. Rios, C. Gomez)

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Colorado Rockies

SP – C. Kershaw

SP – M. Scherzer (honorable mentions to Y. Darvish, J. Fernandez, A. Wainwright)

CL – C. Kimbrel (honorable mentions to G. Holland, M. Rivera, A. Chapman)

FANTASY MVP: Miguel Cabrera, with Mike Trout and Chris Davis close behind


Thanks for answering my question on the podcast. It seemed like you said 5 keepers instead of the 4 I am allowed to take.


So which four do you suggest? Thanks again for a great year!!


Cory says to drop Price but that it’s a tough call.

Just heard Mike Siano is likely retiring from the podcast and I wish him well. I always enjoyed the show over the years, but I have to admit its been wanting this year. Sporadic and sometimes lackluster, the guests didn’t help keeping me interested (“tell us how you went from accountant to fantasy guru”). I hope it continues but only if it improves.

I don’t know about others, but I liked those Friday shows. Going from an accountant to a fantasy guru is strange enough that I’d be interested!

Thanks for sticking with us though.


Really disappointed to hear that Mike Siano is leaving the podcast. I enjoyed the give and take with Mike and Cory. It sounded like they enjoyed talking baseball and fantasy, and each other.

This past season was lacking, and I wish it had been a daily show, but it wasn’t.

Best wishes to Mike going forward. He’s a smart & funny guy and I’ll miss his contribution.

I still really miss the broadcast on MLB network. I know that wasn’t possible anymore, but that was one heck of a show…well put together. I watched every day it was on.

My team: C: Yadier Molina 1B: Chris Davis 2B: Matt Carpenter
3B: Josh Donaldson SS: Troy Tulowitzki LF: Mike Trout CF: Andrew McCutchen
RF: Shane Victorino DH: David Ortiz

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