Pitch or Ditch for Friday, September 27

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Minnesota Twins


Buchholz @ Feldman

Hellickson @ Dickey – Dickey is finishing strong, it appears

Wilson @ Ogando

Shields @ Sale

Kluber @ P. Hernandez

Warren @ Oberholtzer

Colon @ King Felix

Burnett @ Bailey – NL Wild Card preview!

Gallardo @ Torres – nice matchup to finish disappointing year for Gallardo

Alvarez @ Koehler

Lee @ Medlen

T. Wood @ Lynn

Strasburg @ Corbin

McHugh @ Kershaw – can Kershaw finish with a sub-2.00 ERA?

Smith @ Vogelsong


well my opponent dropped all 4 of his closers to chase holds….I have 2/3 decent options for holds but also too many oF’s is Ellsbury worth dropping or do you see him as having playing time and his speed in last few games…..would you drop top players at this time of year to chase categories you need

I’m not a fan of doing that, as one game from Ellsbury could be more valuable than three or four games from someone else.

Hey guys! I have two more pickups in my 12tm H2H finals and I want to use them both on SP. Ks are probably out of reach, I’m a little behind in ERA, a little ahead in WHIP and one up in Ws. He will have one fewer start than I will and has 5 closers to my 4 (Saves are out of reach). I’m up 6-4 with a small lead in offense except for SB so I mostly want to keep the leads I have; maybe steal ERA. What two should I pick up out of: Petit vs SD, Porcello @Mia, Parker @Sea, Ross @SF, Gallardo @NYM, Kazmir @Min, Dickey vs TB. I’m leaning Kazmir and Porcello but I’m worried about playoff teams resting starters. Petit and Ross have been nasty, but dare I trust the young ones? These are all solid options but there are so many factors involved I could use the expert opinion!
Thanks for all the help this year guys! You’re a big reason I made it this far!

Porcello has been scratched from today’s start, so that takes care of that. I’d go with Parker and Gallardo. I love those matchups and outside of one poor outing by Parker, both have been pitching extremely well for awhile now.


Thanks Zach! It didn’t show up at first on the other one so I put it here, sorry. Sadly, he tied me in Runs and Ws yesterday so I’m going to roll out Gallardo along with Lee and Strasburg and see how everything goes. May have to grab Ellsbury back instead of Parker if I get a buffer in Ws. Thanks for a great season!

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