Preliminary 2014 Positional Rankings

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays

Alright everyone,

Here’s what the 411 powers that be (well, basically Cory and I) have come up with. Obviously, it’s extremely early to think about 2014, so we’ll make sure to post an updated version at some point during the off-season.

With 45 MLB games remaining in the 2013 fantasy season, I’ll wish you one final “Good Luck!”



1.   Buster Posey

2.   Carlos Santana

3.   Yadier Molina

4.   Jonathan LuCroy

5.   Joe Mauer

6.   Wilin Rosario

7.   Matt Wieters

8.  Salvador Perez

9.  Wilson Ramos

10.   Brian McCann

Honorable Mentions: A.J. Pierzynski, Jason Castro, Evan Gattis, Miguel Montero

                                                                                                                                                       FIRST BASE

1.   Chris Davis

2.   Paul Goldschmidt

3.   Joey Votto

4.   Edwin Encarnacion

5.   Prince Fielder

6.   Freddie Freeman

7.   Allen Craig

8.   Adrian Gonzalez

9.   Eric Hosmer

10. Mark Trumbo

Honorable Mentions: Mike Napoli, Albert Pujols, Brandon Belt

                                                                                                                                                 SECOND BASE

1.   Robinson Cano

2.   Jason Kipnis

3.   Dustin Pedroia

4.   Matt Carpenter

5.   Ian Kinsler

6.   Brandon Phillips

7.   Ben Zobrist

8.   Chase Utley

9.   Jose Altuve

10. Jedd Gyorko

Honorable Mentions: Daniel Murphy, Howie Kendrick, Aaron Hill


1.   Hanley Ramirez

2.   Troy Tulowitzki

3.   Jose Reyes

4.   Ian Desmond

5.   Jean Segura

6.   Elvis Andrus

7.   Everth Cabrera

8.   Starlin Castro

9.  Alexei Ramirez

10. J.J. Hardy

Honorable Mentions: Andrelton Simmons, Jimmy Rollins, Jed Lowrie, Asdrubal Cabrera

                                                                                                                                                     THIRD BASE

1.   Miguel Cabrera

2.   Adrian Beltre

3.   David Wright

4.   Evan Longoria

5.   Ryan Zimmerman

6.   Brett Lawrie

7.   Manny Machado

8.   Pedro Alvarez

9.   Pablo Sandoval

10. Josh Donaldson

Honorable Mentions: Kyle Seager, Martin Prado, Will Middlebrooks, Nolan Arenado


1.   Mike Trout

2.   Andrew McCutchen

3.   Jacoby Ellsbury

4.   Carlos Gonzalez

5.   Bryce Harper

6.   Adam Jones

7.   Ryan Braun

8.   Jay Bruce

9.   Jose Bautista

10. Matt Kemp

11. Giancarlo Stanton

12. Carlos Gomez

13. Starling Marte

14. Alex Rios

15. Shin-Soo Choo

Honorable Mentions: Jayson Heyward, Yoenis Cespedes, Yasiel Puig, Hunter Pence, Matt Holliday, Jayson Werth, Justin Upton, Alfonso Soriano, Michael Cuddyer, Carlos Beltran

                                                                                                                                              STARTING PITCHER

1.   Clayton Kershaw

2.   Yu Darvish

3.   Max Scherzer

4.   Adam Wainwright

5.   Felix Hernandez

6.   Cliff Lee

7.   Madison Bumgarner

8.   Chris Sale

9.   Zack Greinke

10. Jose Fernandez

11. Justin Verlander

12. Stephen Strasburg

13. Cole Hamels

14. David Price

15. Jordan Zimmermann

Honorable Mentions: Anibal Sanchez, James Shields, Gio Gonzalez, Matt Moore, Jon Lester, Mat Latos, Francisco Liriano

Injury Watch: Matt Harvey

                                                                                                                                                      RELIEF PITCHER

1.   Craig Kimbrel

2.   Aroldis Chapman

3.   Kenley Jansen

4.   Greg Holland

5.   Joe Nathan

6.   Sergio Romo

7.   Rafael Soriano

8.   Jonathan Papelbon

9.   Fernando Rodney

10. Jim Johnson

Honorable Mentions: Grant Balfour, Glen Perkins, Edward Mujica, Koji Uehara, Jason Grilli


Edwin Encarnacion is also eligible next year at 3B, at least in CBS leagues. That’s where I plan on using him. I imagine he would easily crack the top ten in that category as well.

Hey Zach,
I just wanted to thank you for another season of insightful information regarding Fantasy Baseball. It was a huge help, as always. I won my league this year. I was also able to attend the last three Yankee home games and see Mariano Rivera pitch for the final time. What an amazing experience that was. Unreal.
Have a fantastic winter and thanks again for all the advice. Spring Training’14 can’t come soon enough.
Rich D.

Thanks again guys, I pulled through on the last day to take my second league this year.

Thanks everyone. And keep checking back here throughout the off-season. I’ll be posting my fantasy-angled thoughts on all the trades and signings as they happen.


Also surprisedDavid Price doesn’t make the top 20? What gives?

Good catch! He definitely belongs in the honorable mentions, if not higher. I think I’d put him at 14.

Which 5 players would you keep out of this list? Adrian Gonzalez, Brett Lawrie, Jhonny Peralta, Josh Donaldson, Giancarlo Stanton, Dominic Brown, Shin-Soo Choo,, Manny Machado, Ian Desmond, Allen Craig, Joe Mauer, Stephen Strasburg, Clayton Kershaw, Clay Bucholz, Aroldis Chapman.

I think Stanton, Kershaw and Strasburg are the top 3 in that list. But as for the other 2 spots it’s a bit of a toss up between a few. Also I can not keep players and take the draft picks instead, so if I keep only those 3 I’d get 4th and 5th round picks in the draft.

Machado for your 4th and take the extra 5th round pick.


A lot of great choices here. I think Desmond definitely deserves to be kept. 20/20 for two straight years now, just turned 28 and plays at a thin position. I’d lean towards Machado for my 5th keeper, though a case could be made for Choo (particularly if he stays with the Reds), Craig, Lawrie or even Chapman, assuming he sticks in the closer role.

If you could package a few of these guys for keeper upgrades, I’m all for that as well.


Which 5 players would you keep out of this list?
Yu Darvish
Stephen Strasburg
Jose Fernandez
Miguel Cabrera
Yasiel Puig
Edwin Encarnacion
Ryan Braun
Justin Upton


Cabrera, E5, Braun (I’d be shocked if he doesn’t deliver at least top-5 round value), Puig and Darvish. I’m getting a little tired of Upton and Darvish’s ridiculous K rate gives him the edge over the other two SPs. I don’t like keeping more than one starting pitcher in 5-keeper leagues.


If Matt Adams is a starter, I would slide him in the 10th spot overall at 1B. Again depends how outside the norm you guys want to get with your rankings and gamble.

I can only keep 3: Allen Craig,Jay Bruce,Fielder,Phillips,Strausburg,Latos


I’d go with the first three you listed. Tough to pass on Phillips, as I’m a fan of drafting middle infielders early, but the reality is that he’s in decline and the fact that he isn’t running anymore significantly hurts his fantasy appeal. I’d take any of those four hitters over the two SPs.


Yadier Molina is the best catcher in the Majors.
Matt Carpenter is the best second baseman in the Majors.
Troy Tulowitzki is the best Shorstop in the Majors.
I don’t understand why Donaldson is ranked 10th.
Josh Donaldson is the best third baseman in the Majors. I put Donaldson 1st because he plays defense better than Cabrera, plus, he is a great hitter.

I have the 3rd pick in my draft. Assuming Cabrera and Trout go 1 and 2 who should i take at 3? I’m not too fond of mccutchen and goldy. I was thinking either Braun, Beltre or Fielder? What are your thoughts?


I really like Fielder this year but ultimately couldn’t pass on the all-around games of Goldy and McCutchen. What’s not to like? I’d lean towards Goldschmidt.


In a keeper league I’m looking to protect 2 pitchers. Which of these 3 would you keep? Yu Darvish, Jose Fernandez & Stephen Strasburg.

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