The 411 Says Thanks!

Zach here,

With the 2013 fantasy season officially in the books (congrats to those of you who won your league thanks to Evan Longoria’s performance on Monday night), I just wanted to thank everyone for participating on the blog throughout the year in addition to contributing some outstanding questions to the podcasts. Hopefully, we gave more good advice than bad advice, but hey, none of us have crystal balls on our desks! As the old 411 saying goes, “Don’t confuse the outcome with the decision.” All you can do is use all the information you have at the time to arrive at the best decision possible.

Here are a few useful season wrap blog links as we head into the postseason and eventually the off-season. Cory’s annual List of 12 (or 16, or 21 or whatever it’s going to be this year) will be posted right here on the blog in the coming weeks.

2013 All-Surprise and All-Disappointment Teams

2013 All-Fantasy Team

Preliminary 2014 Positional Rankings

And a special shout out to our listener league winners:

411 League – Michael Sharzer (by 3.5 points)

Ron Cey League – William Howell (by a mere 1.5 points)

Paul C. Smith League – Commish Dean says “Winner of the league this year, and defending champ, was Jayson Panetta. Back to back champ and it wasn’t even close this year as he won by 26 points over second place.”

Marzano League – Commish Joe says “Johan Weidolf of Sweden held off Ivo Bolech of the Netherlands by two points on the final day to defend his Marzano League title. Very nice race. It came down to two stats — one win and one HR.”

And to the 2013 Tout Wars champions:


AL – Larry Schechter (

NL – Tristan Cockroft (ESPN)

Mixed Auction – Fred Zinkie (

Mixed Draft – Mike Podhorzer (

Unfortunately, my Mixed Tout season was an incredibly frustrating one, as after occupying 6th or 7th place for much of the year, a late-season cold spell dropped me down to 11th, so it’ll be back to the drawing board as I try to figure out how to finish in at least the top-5 in my third year.

Keep checking back here throughout the off-season, as I’ll be posting my fantasy-angled thoughts regarding all the impact trades and free agent signings. I’ll notify the masses through Twitter when a new post goes up.

Thanks again!


Hi Zach/Corey/Mike

Can’t believe this might be the end! It wouldnt be the same without Siano, though maybe it could still work with a new guy as a replacement.

Anyway I was just wondering is there any way to listen to some of the old 411’s from Corey Mike (and Vin!) from back in the day? Hearing Cory talk about how they used to talk about 24 at the end made me feel all nostalgic and wanna check some of them out and see how things have changed!

You know anyway we can access them, is there any archive files we can still listen to?

Big thanks if this really is the end. Will be big miss!



As far as shows from the pre-iTunes days go, if you didn’t download the audio files at the time, I think you’re out of luck. They might be buried in a server somewhere or they might’ve been erased. Either way, they’re far from accessible.


Shame, thanks anyway Zach.

Just wanna say that im very against the dissolving of the 411 podcast. Just because Mike feels his time is up doesn’t mean that the show shouldn’t go on, Cory’s still around (and JB!), let alone the other good guests they have like Joe, Nando etc.

Im sure you could still make a great show even without Mike, so I think it would be a big miss if the show finishes now. Feel free to chime in too other fans if you agree!

Two things:
First: The old Fantasy 411 was amazing… the show was much longer…the time could be filled with an update on the Israeli Pro baseball league…or a 1/2 hour discussion of 24….top 5 action movies etc etc. There were live callers….

Second: I finally did something my friends told me was impossible….three Yahoo leagues…. three championships. Those 3 flags will fly forever. It took me over a decade….but I did it (wooo hooo) None of that would have been possible without the training Corey and Mike gave over the years. Now there are lots of fantasy baseball podcasts….but 411 was, and is the best of them.

The chemistry between Mike and Corey makes the show…. I always thought they could do a non baseball podcast and make it successful. If the end of Fantasy 411 is imminent it will be a sad day for the listeners.

please no. I’ve been listing to shows since the days of Seth, listening to his 10 minute rants without taking a breath. 411 can’t also be going away. Is there a petition somewhere? I need my 411!


I’m behind on the podcast, but will catch up. I haven’t missed an episode since 2006. However, until I get caught up, what’s this I hear about the show going away or radically changing? Please! Say it ain’t so! What can we in Fan Land do to keep the show healthy and alive and Mike involved?
On to my rather unhappy question. Context: 12 team, NL-only, 4×4, deep rosters (25 active, 40 overall), keeper auction, $280 total to spend. My flag from 2011 will fly forever and an epic 2nd place run in 2012 will live in my memory, but to achieve those, I really pushed all my chips in. So, 2013 was a rebuilding year. Mid-year, I traded for a 2nd year Matt Harvey at $5. For three months, I was the happiest owner in the league outside the money. Now, I’m faced with this. I could keep him for his 3rd and final year at $5, which is silly, as he won’t pitch. Or, I could extend him at $10 to use him in 2015 or at $15 to get ’15 and ’16. Those amounts, though, would also count against my 2014 salary, of course. I’ve gone Luhnow on my roster and only the cheapest assets remain. Therefore, I have a ton of cash to spend at the coming auction. Does it make any sense to tie up any 2014 salary to keep Harvey? I’m obviously going to take a shot at competing in both ’14 and ’15.
Thanks for another great year, Zach, Mike, Cory, JB and the rest of the crew!
Dave in Delaware

D in D,

It’s a risky move but in such a deep keeper league, Harvey still carries a lot of value despite the fact that he’ll miss the entire 2014 season. The vast majority of pitchers have come back strong from TJ surgery, especially in recent years, with Adam Wainwright being the finest example. I think I’d go ahead and extend him through 2016 at $15. Risky, yes. But to me, the reward is too high to pass up.


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