December 2013

Happy Holidays from the 411

Zach here,

With the fantasy football season coming to a close (I made the semifinals in three of my four leagues but lost in all of them), I’m already starting my baseball draft prep. And I’m sure that many of you, frustrated by the fluky nature of head-to-head football, feel the same way. Actually, writing the relief pitcher profiles for the 2014 Player Preview, which is set to launch in early February, has nudged me to get a head start on draft preparation.

MLB: Seattle Mariners-Robinson Cano press conference

Speaking of drafts, we’ll be conducting a full 23-round expert mock draft right after the new year, so check back here for the results, which I’ll be updating after each round or two. I’ll also send out a tweet every time there’s an update. Is Robinson Cano still a top-10 pick now that he’s a Mariner? Is Prince Fielder the Ranger a no-brainer top-10 guy? We’ll just have to find out!

Happy Holidays to all, and keep an eye out for more blog posts once the calendar turns to 2014.