Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 3

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Miami Marlins


Ventura @ An. Sanchez (PPD)
Hughes @ Quintana – some may like Hughes, but I’ll sit it out for now
Doubront @ W. Chen
Morrow @ Archer – might as well try Morrow while we can!
Nova @ Oberholtzer
Elias @ Chavez
Lynn @ Bailey
@ Wandy – blue-plate special!
Morales @ Turner
Roark @ Wheeler
Lincecum @ Arroyo – wait and see on Timmah

***ZACH SAYS “Keep an eye on Turner in the early going as he might earn mixed league consideration before long as a matchup-based play, but I agree that we should play it safe with him for now. Hughes is also worth monitoring.”


I have a bit of a dilemma 3 days into my season; Parnell & Ramos are both hurt for my team. And while they both have a 4-6 wk timetable, the fact that Parnell could require TJS & Ramos’s return could be pushed back depending on how his injury heals makes it tough for me to decide which one to DL. The depth in my league is as follows; Salty, Gomes & Russell Martin for catchers; Veras, Hunter, Lindstrom & Valverde for closers. I do have Evan Gattis on my team as well however & the fact that Jim Henderson’s not closing doesn’t help my relief problem either (though I’m not as worried about him). Sorry for the long explanation, but long story short; what route do I go?


As much as I liked Ramos this year (and I still do), you already have Gattis, and Gomes, Salty and Martin aren’t bad waiver wire options. I’m not really liking those closer options though. If I had to make the decision today, I’d drop Ramos, though we might get more clarity regarding Parnell’s situation within the next few days, so postponing your decision until then isn’t a bad idea either.


holliday and neil walker for chris carpenter and gattis?? im using carpenter as 2b but already have aaron hill. also using gattis as an o.f.


If it’s Chris Carpenter I definitely would do it:-) But even if it’s Matt Carpenter, I like this trade for you. The key here is that you already have Aaron Hill for 2B, and you’d be getting the best player in the deal in Holliday.


In 10 team H2H keeper league, I was offered Kemp and David Price for Kershaw, then he got injured, I had been debating sending J. Upton to take a chance on Kemp as well. I feel that if Kemp can come close to what he used to be, it could turn out to be a steal. Is this considered a fool’s errand?


I chose to stay away from Kemp this year (just can’t deal with the headache) BUT it’s not like Upton is a sure thing either. At this point, I don’t even think he deserves to be considered in that Tier 1 of outfielders. If you can get Kemp AND Price for Upton, I’d be willing to take a chance on that.


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