Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 10

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals


Straily @ Pelfrey
Buchholz @ Pineda – good test for both
Keuchel @ Dickey
Salazar @ Danks – keep an eye on Danks
Cole @ T. Wood
Koehler @ Strasburg
Estrada @ Lee
Mejia @ Hale – Hale is a blue-plate special though
Delgado @ Vogelsong – keep an eye on Delgado


I’m surprised you are not picking Mejia against a free swinging Braves lineup. Did you watch Mejia’s first start? He has command.

Five walks? Command? @ATL still isn’t an easy matchup. You’ve gotta like the strikeouts though. Mejia is definitely on the PoD radar, but let’s see at least one more start first.


Hi, Can you grade my pitching and batting lineup. What moves do you think I should make to upgrade. I’m in a 12 team std roto.
1st base-Freeman
3rd-miggy mi-kipnis, CI-Sandoval, ss- d.gordon, ofs-cruz,shoo,morse,grandyman, bourn. Dh-plouffe
Pitching-Shields, king felix, weaver,bumgarner,skaggs,vargas,samardija,hamels, porcello, closers-reed,krod,r.soriano,valverde, soria

Thank you.


Honestly, I don’t see many weaknesses here. Maybe SS, as Gordon is no lock to remain an everyday player through the rest of the season.


What is a blue plate special? I know I’ve seen the term here before, but don’t think I ever saw a definition.
Thank you

Basically just “special pick of the day”, as in an under the radar pitcher who we particularly like for a certain matchup.


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