Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 11

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks


McGowan @ Norris – keep an eye on McGowan

Lester @ Sabathia – yes, that’s a ditch on CC

Feldman @ Darvish

Carrasco @ Sale

B. Chen @ Gibson

Gee @ Skaggs

Milone @ King Felix – only using Milone at home

Fernandez @ Burnett

Price @ Cueto

Roark @ Teheran

Liriano @ W. Peralta

Samardzija @ Kellynot much conviction on Shark, though

Ryu @ McCarthy

Porcello @ Cashner

De La Rosa @ Bumgarner

***ZACH SAYS “I know Cory is a fan of McCarthy, but he’s gotten roughed up twice in a row now and faces a tough Dodgers lineup, so I’d ditch. Agree on rest.”


What do you think about Skaggs long term? His velocity is up and he looked great in his first start, granted it was against Houston.

There’s definitely upside with Skaggs, as there’s a reason he was a top prospect. But I wouldn’t trust him for 12-team mixed league PoD purposes for now. He’s yet to demonstrate any sort of consistency at the big league level.


Hi Big Z, think Thornton has any chance of wrestling hold of the closers job in NY? Granted it wouldn’t be for too long, but I don’t think any other bullpen guys inspire confidence. Either picking him up or an additional starter in W Peralta.

Also what’s happened to the podcasts, only 1 podcast and none since the season started so far?

Living in NY and being a Yankee fan I think Betances (sp?) has a shot of taking that job if for some reason Robertson is on the shelf for a longer period of time.

He needs to improve his control though. He’s looked good in two outings but terrible in the other. Plus, all indications are that Robertson will be ready to return when eligible.


I think Thornton is more of a lefty specialist type, and lefty closers are rare. For now, I still see Kelly as the guy but it sounds like Robertson will be ready to return when eligible. If you’re in a very deep mixed/AL-only, I might take a chance on Kelly, even after last night’s implosion. But ideally, I’d avoid the whole situation.

Don’t really know what the deal is with the podcasts but I’m sure Cory will announce via Twitter etc. when the next one will be as soon as it’s figured out.


I’ve got Taylor Jordan, Erlin and Mejia in a 12 team 5×5 NL only league. I know I can’t expect them to be in the rotation later in the season. How many starts do you see them getting this year? Should I just ride them until they get sent down (it is a keeper league) and try to pick up a FAAB starter in the 2nd half or even a couple of high K rate low whip relievers if it looks like I’ll make my IP. I don’t have a lot of SP depth. Niese, Gee, McCarthy, Jamie Garcia and Locke on the DL, and just picked up Collmeter. Have a number of RP to help pad era/whip and some vulture wins: Rosenthal, Alex Torres, Nick Vincent, Petit (in case he replaces Vogelsong at some point), and Will Smith. Luckily I’m happy with my offense other than Dickerson getting sent down, but I’m hopeful he will be back once Blackmon comes back to earth.
Only guys of note on the wire are Simon, Hand, Farnsworth, Stammer and the only replacements while Dickerson is in the minors are Reed or Nady. It’s a deep league.


Yeah, it looks like you’re really lacking depth at SP, so I’d try to hold onto all three while you can get innings out of them and then take it from there.


Hey 411,

6×6 roto with obp and qs. 2 util slots.

10 team auction keeper where we keep 4.

Hitters are Weiters $5 Hosmer $22, Utley $1, Longo $40, Tulo $30, Cargo $39, J Upton $22, Hamilton $16, Granderson $5, B Upton $1, Bogaerts 3B/SS $2, Springer $1,.

Ive been offered Bryce Harper $41 for Longoria. Should I accept?


Since the prices are virtually the same and since I’d take Harper before Longoria in a scratch draft, yes, I’d make that trade.


Pinedas looking good isnt he!
Makes me feel good about the trade I made a week back:
Deal: B Hamilton ($0) and D Dahl (prospect)
For Rendon, Gausman (prospect) and Pineda
Was never a big Hamilton guy due to his hitting ability (or lack of it), I thought the deal was decent even before I saw Pineda but now he looks almost like the guy of old. Like the deal?

Fair trade, but the inclusion of Rendon and Gausman is key. In a 1-for-1, I’d sooner take Hamilton and his immense SB upside than Pineda, a dynamic SP but a SP who we have yet to see pitch a full season.


Looks like Tillman is starting tonight, pitch him with confidence?

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