Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 17

MLB: New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays


Salazar @ Verlander – over/under on combined K’s: 18?
Dickey @ Gibson (Gm 1) – keep an eye on Gibson
McGowan @ Pelfrey (Gm 2) – blue-plate gamble on McGowan if you’re feeling bold
E. Ramirez @ Scheppers
Sabathia @ Price – sorry, not trusting CC right now
Lester @ Sale
B. Chen @ Feldman
A. Wood @ Burnett
@ Bumgarner
Morales @ Kennedy – Kennedy’s K’s and velocity are back up
Wainwright @ Jordan
Gallardo @ Volquez


alright I asked about dropping Kendrick for Franklin…..I dropped Solarte since I had 7 OFs for Franklin but now have a surplus in the MI I have Kendrick/ Owings/ Bonifacio/ Desmond/ ……I wouldn’t mind a 7th OF again in C Young coming off the DL Friday…..would drop Kendrick since have Profar on DL

Nah, I don’t think I’d drop Kendrick for Young. He’s just too inconsistent from a fantasy production standpoint.


I was offered a trade, I was offered Jonathan Broxton and Jim Henderson for Doug Fister. What are your thoughts about this trade, I’m leaning toward rejecting I could trade Lincecum instead of Fister what do you think of that? Thanks

My pitchers are Kimbrel, Huston Street, Lincecum, Colon, Bumgarner, Cain, Cashner, Joe Kelly, Strasburg and Tony Watson in an NL Only 5X5 roto league

NO! NO! Don’t do it. Henderson may never get another save this year (or ever), and Broxton may get you 10 or so (may), and you don’t need saves especially from such dubious sources. Fister and Lincecum are much more valuable. Tony Watson may get more saves than Henderson this year, and if you want to trade Fister wait until he comes back (reports are sounding good on his progress) and has more trade value.

I wasn’t thinking about doing it because who knows when he’ll get his head back together and I’m not in dire need of Saves I also wasn’t really wanting to trade Fister. Thanks for your feedback.
Which SP would you give up for either Jimmy Rollins or Granderson?

What do you think about Lincecum for Ervin Santana and Yovani Gallardo?

I agree with everything that has been said here. You would be giving up a solid, low-downside SP for two question marks in Broxton and Henderson. Makes little sense. I wouldn’t trade Lincecum for that package either.

Generally speaking, I have more confidence in Fister than Lincecum going forward.


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