Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 18

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Cincinnati Reds


Hutchison @ Masterson – one trending up and the other down, play it safe on both for now

Weaver @ Smyly

Tillman @ Lackey

Kuroda @ Bedard

Paulino @ Perez – Paulino worth watching, but not using right now

Nolasco @ Vargas – yep, you read that right

Cosart @ Gray

Simon @ Samardzija – Simon in a groove and Cubs are not

Wacha @ G. Gonzalez

Lohse @ Morton

Harang @ Niese – great matchup for red-hot Harang

Young @ Eovaldi

Pettibone @ Chatwood

Miley @ Greinke

Cain @ T. Ross – still plenty to like about both

***ZACH SAYS “I’d pitch Eovaldi without much reservation at home against a below average Mariners offense. One mediocre outing isn’t going to change my belief that he’s a prime breakout candidate. Agree on rest.”


You wouldn’t pitch Young against the Fish?

Personally, I need to see more than just eight innings from Young. Plus, the Marlins offense has actually done a pretty good job so far (2nd in NL in AVG and 3rd in runs).


Hey Zach,
Someone dropped Revere in my league where strikeouts count. I am second in the league with steals at 20 (first is 25) and pretty bad in avg/ops and last in strikeouts. Would you drop Morse, Sizemore or Rajai Davis for Revere? My other outfielders are Marte, Springer, Trumbo, Granderson, and Victorino. Thanks!

I’d drop Morse. He will slump and more than likely get injured. At least Sizemore gets rested and Davis will steal bases.


I wouldn’t. I think you have enough speed as is, particularly with Davis. You don’t need another one-trick pony type.


Hi Big Z, currently torn on this big offer I got, what do you think (getting Puig):
Donaldson ($5 rental) and Puig ($0, resignable long term) for C Davis ($12, through 2016).

Now I quite like the idea just don’t wanna rush into anything. First have you any worries about Puig suffering a sophmore slump year? And 2nd, doing this deal would mean I have to move M Adams to 1B long term, do you have any worries about his PT when Oscar comes up- who will lose AB’s then?


Not too worried about Adams but also not as much of a Puig lover as most. He isn’t having a particularly great season so far and I’m just concerned that the production won’t measure up to the hype. Davis is more of a known commodity at this point. To me, Donaldson is a significant part of this. Not sure if $5 rental means you can’t keep him at all next year. If that’s the case, yeah, I’d make the trade. But if there’s a way to keep Donaldson at a low cost, I’d rather have the Davis/Donaldson side.


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