PoD Category Chart (4/24)

Zach here,

What time is it? Time for the 2014 debut of our Pitch or Ditch category chart!

POD Chart 4-24 (PDF version)

POD Chart 4-24 (Excel version)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the chart, this is something we started doing a few years ago (special shout out to longtime 411 fan Big Barry for the framework of the idea) to help guide you not only in your Pitch or Ditch decisions but also in knowing whether or not dropping a certain pitcher would be a mistake.

We’ve divided all of the current starting rotation pitchers into five groups: Aces, Grads, PoD, DTM and Indifferent.

Aces: Fairly straightforward. Elite starting pitchers with the track record to prove it.

Grads: Not ace-caliber but also not worth dropping under any circumstances. Grads should always be started, regardless of the matchup.

PoD: These pitchers do not quite deserve a permanent roster spot but should be picked up and started in favorable matchups. If their next matchup is not so favorable, feel free to drop them. Some PoD guys could earn Grad status if they string together several consecutive strong outings.

DTM: An old 411 acronym for “dead to me”, DTM pitchers are guys that we might have once liked but have repeatedly let us down to the point where we’ve had enough of them. It takes a lot to become DTM, but once you become DTM, it’s very tough to escape that category!

Indifferent: Pitchers who are just not that good and should not be rostered in any 12-team mixed league.

***Note that this chart is geared towards standard 12-team mixed leagues.

We will post updated versions of the chart at least once a month.

As always, your questions and comments are welcome!




What would you consider Iwakuma and Harrison when they return?

I’d make Iwakuma a grad and Harrison PoD.


i messaged you a couple back about tryingto trade an of for pitching depth and got offered wheeler for brantley. Do you think brantley is for real or is that the extra depth i would need to fill my rotation

I do like Brantley a lot. Wheeler for Brantley is a fair deal but I think I’d rather have Brantley. When it’s close, I’ll always side with the hitter.


Salazar a grad still? He’s available in my league but he’s so risky right now. Should I stash him?

Yup, I’d definitely stash Salazar. He’s a borderline grad, but being that the grad test is whether or not you would feel comfortable dropping him, for me, the answer to that question would still be no…too much upside.


Hey…. Where is Fister listed….. he has to be atleast a PoD guy… if not a graduate… RIGHT?

Fister is a grad. Wasn’t on the chart because he hasn’t made a start yet but he belongs in the Notes section.


In a 12 team h2h dynasty which pitcher would you rather have: Syndergaard, Odorizzi, Chavez, or Bauer?

Right now, I’d say Syndergaard, with the league and home ballpark factoring into the equation.


How close are Jason Vargas and Travis Wood to becoming grads? I’m thinking of dropping one of them to pick up Hammel or Peralta tomorrow, but am having trouble pushing the button.


I’d have no problem dropping Vargas for Peralta. Wood is definitely closer to grad status than Vargas, and Peralta is the closest.


C.C. Sabathia. thinking about totally dropping him and grabbing someone on the wire? i know its kinda crazy but i believe i can pick someone up that has more to offer than C.C. What are your thoughts on this craziness?

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