Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 7

MLB: Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics


King Felix @ Straily (Gm 1)Straily’s K-BB says hang with ‘em

E. Ramirez @ Pomeranz (Gm 2) – Erasmo on the watch list, though

Nolasco @ Salazar

Lee @ Buehrle Phillies are hitting lefties; ditch Buehrle

Peacock @ Porcello – Peacock on the watch list

Leake @ Peavy

Norris @ Ramos – Norris might be worth a gamble but I’m not sold yet

T. Wood @ Danks

De La Rosa @ Lewis

Nuno @ Santiago

Lincecum @ Cole – your guess on Timmah

Wheeler @ Koehler

Haren @ Strasburg

Arroyo @ Peralta

Shields @ Cashner – strong possibility of a 1-0 or 2-1 game here

Wainwright @ Minor


safe to drop Evereth Cabrera for Jesse Chavez? Have Dee Gordon as my SS

I’d hold onto Cabrera. Chavez wasn’t great last night and Everth is good insurance in the event that Gordon fizzles out.


With Jay Bruce down who would you ad in a points league. Byrd, Rasmus or C. Young (NYM)? I’m leaning toward Rasmus.

I think Byrd is the safest choice but Rasmus has the highest ceiling, so it depends on whether or not you’re the gambling type!


Verlander, Morneau, and Soria for Scherzer and Price. Fair?


Sure. I’m having a tough time deciding which side I’d rather have (leaning towards Verlander/Morneau/Soria) and that’s the true test.


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