Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 15

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Toronto Blue Jays


Buchholz @ Hughes – Hughes is on a nice run but cash in your profits now

Salazar @ Happ

W. Chen @ Ventura

Bedard @ Skaggs – Skaggs somewhat erratic but Rays are mediocre vs. lefties

Kennedy @ Cueto (Gm 1)

T. Ross @ Francis (Gm 2)

Wandy @ Gallardo

Hammel @ Wacha

Whitley @ deGrom

Eovaldi @ Cain – Eovaldi rolling and Giants can’t hit righties


Should I deal Chris Sale for Verlander? Thanks for your help.

A fair value deal, and considering Sale’s health situation this year, yeah, I think I’d make that trade. Even before the season started, the two were close in terms of value.


alex wood doesn’t appear to be doing well in relief……advise to drop him for a starter or more accomplished reliever??

He’s only had one bad outing in three appearances. Depends on which SP’s are available but I’d be more inclined to hold onto him. There’s always a chance he goes back into the rotation at some point should Floyd or Harang struggle. If there’s a useful closer available, I might consider that, but I wouldn’t flat out drop Wood for a middle reliever.


addendum…Ubaldo Jimenez is available….better option than alex wood?

Thinking of adding Rafael Montero- the pitchers I have that could be dropped are Tom Koehler, Lincecum (looking to trade him) and Bartolo Colon. Thanks

In deeper mixed leagues, Montero makes for an intriguing two-start option for next week. Ideally, I’d like to see one more start from him, but dropping either Colon or Koehler (I’d lean towards Colon) for him is the kind of move that could pay off.


In an NL only league.. What are you thoughts now? And DeGrom had a nice start but I don’t believe he’ll be up for long… Should I add either and hold onto them or don’t add either? Thanks

Thanks for follow up i enjoy having feed back! I have a trade offer H. Street for Teixeria. Is he worth holding on to his production has been helpful recently with votto not doing so much and morneau as my back up. I have Holland and just got Janssen back. Was possibly thinking of flipping Street for someone to help at SS. Thanks for any feedback given. I just keep racking my brain around things to keep me at the top of the league. Also who do you like more Granderson or C.Crawford. My OF could use some consistency who has better potential leaning towards Crawford has steal just not playing time, but Granderson has power and playing time.

It’s a fair trade but I’m not sure why you have Morneau on your bench. If trading Street for Tex means you’d be playing Tex instead of Morneau, I certainly wouldn’t make that trade.

Crawford vs. Granderson is a category-based decision but I’d lean towards Crawford since Granderson is such a drain in the AVG department.


thanks ! i was playing all three 1B but i need other pieces now that i lost Zobrist and Wieters…. looks like the DL bug finally caught me… i’ll leave you alone for now thanks for the advice.

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