Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 16

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox-Game Two


Gray @ McAllister – McAllister cooling off and has a VERY tough stretch coming up
Volquez @ Phelps (PPD)
Scherzer @ Lester
Hutchison @ Darvish
Tillman @ Guthrie
Young @ Gibson
Quintana @ McHugh
Archer @ Weaver – Archer has not been impressive so far
Lohse @ Samardzija
@ Roark – Roark three gems in his last four starts, but one stinker
Simon @ Kendrick
Big Erv @ Lynn
Stults @ De La Rosa
Greinke @ Miley
Alvarez @ Petit – Giants have been surprisingly tough offensively, though


I was offered Doug Fister and Jason Heyward for Shelby Miller. What do you think? Thanks for your input.

That’s a no-brainer for you. A nice buy-low on Heyward and I’m not at all convinced that Miller will prove to be a better fantasy SP than Fister from here on out.


I got offered Alex Wood, Anthony Rendon, and Angel Pagan for Matt Carpenter, and Allen Craig in a 10 team keeper league H2H. Sound like a good deal? Thanks!

Not in love with that trade. You’re giving up quite a bit to get Wood. Pagan’s keeper value is limited and I’d take Carpenter over Rendon any day.

Fernandez owner here. With him out rest of season, I need a starter. Who’s the best out of this crop? H. Bailey, Eovaldi, Garza, Niese, Beckett, T. Ross, Leake, Skaggs, Koehler, McHugh or Pomeranz? Or (in which case I’d pick up one of the latter pitchers) should I just wait for Andrew Heaney to get the call?

UPDATE: Would Jacob deGrom also work as a suitable replacement? Either rest of way or (assuming he doesn’t stay in the rotation when Gee returns) a stopgap until Heaney gets the call?

I’d need to see at least one more good outing from deGrom. I prefer the other guys you mentioned in the last comment.



I’d like to say Bailey, as he’s the best of that bunch when right. But he’s obviously not right, so I’d go with Ross. Great home ballpark and plenty of K’s.


Should I deal Shelby miller and Wilson Ramos for David price?

Depends on the state of the rest of your staff and who your other catcher options are, but I’d lean towards no.


Would you drop Collabello for Y. Alonso?

Nah. Not really a fan of either but Alonso is simply not an attractive fantasy option due to his limited power. Oh, and he’s batting below .200 this year!


Was offered this trade in NL Only keeper 5×5 keeper league… Get: Jose Fernandez(15 dollars) and Hecter Rondon (7 dollars) Give:Andrew Cashner(7 dollars) price goes up 4 dollars a year… What do you think? I’m thinking counter with Bumgarner (22 dollars) instead of Cashner. Thanks

I’d definitely pass on that trade. Don’t mind the counter but honestly, I would be hesitant to trade for Fernandez right now. It’s not like he’s $5 and there’s too much of a long-term unknown factor. Will he be the same pitcher upon his return? I have no idea.


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